How to Scan the Aura

Aura is the bio-electric field that surrounds all of us. It is very beneficial to learn to scan the Aura because most of the ailments and problems originate and have their roots in our Aura.

When we heal the Aura we are not only eradicating the cause but we also get the opportunity to heal problems in their initial stages before they get a chance to materialize in our physical body and reality.

An additional benefit of healing the Aura before a treatment is that the person will be more receptive in accepting the Reiki and will allow it to flow more easily to area that needs healing the most.

Once we are attuned to Reiki, our palm chakras open up which heighten their sensitivity in detecting energies.

The Process:

  • Activate and energize the chakras in your palms using Cho Ku Rei symbol.
    Shield and ground yourself using affirmations or through visualization.
  • Begin by placing your non-dominant hand about 10 inches away from the clients Crown Chakra. Shift your awareness to your palms and notice how the energy feels.
    Move your hand closer to the client at about 5 inches. Keep this distance constant and start to move your palm from the clients Crown Chakra to the soles of his feet. Do this very slowly being aware of all the sensations that you experience as you move the hands through the Aura.
  • You will feel sensations like pushing, pulling, changes in temperature, tingling, shocks, unevenness, resistance etc to name a few. As you practice more and more these sensations will become easy to detect and they will become more prominent and clear.
  • Once you are able to detect the area that needs healing check if the area is depleted of energy or is there a blockage? Depletion feels like a hollow and blockages feel like protrusions.
  • Move your hand up and down on that area until you find the height where you feel the most distortion. This could be several feet away from the part or extremely close depending on the type of issue.How to Scan The Aura
  • Once you find the right height, cup both your hands and place it on the affected area and ask Reiki to flow through you and do the healing. Continue to heal the affected area until the Reiki stops to flow.
  • Check for similar ailments in the aura and apply the same procedure.

Thank the client for accepting the healing and giving you the opportunity to heal.

Thank Reiki for the healing that has taken place.

Courtesy : Reiki Rays


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