Healers in Atlantis: Were You One?

Article by Haripriya Suraj, Reiki Master, Reiki Rays

Atlantis was a subcontinent located between Europe and America. It holds special significance for the healing community as people in Atlantis are supposed to have been powerful healers. Many clairvoyant healers of today have taken a peek into the past and have received information that may help us understand life in Atlantis. Here I present a few details of this enchanting place that would be of relevance to us Reiki healers. We will also try to go deeper and discover if we were actually part of the Atlantean civilisation. And if yes, we will try to tap into our innate healing potential and help more of it rise to the surface.

Atlantis- A Brief Introduction (Based on Spiritual Teacher Diana Cooper’s Work)

Atlantis was set up as part of a celestial experiment to see if souls that incarnated on Earth could live in a physical body and retain their connection with Spirit at the same time. The experiment failed several times because the souls that incarnated entered a state of amnesia and moved deeper into the world of matter. This gave birth to the ego or a feeling of separation from everything and everyone, including Spirit. This in turn caused plenty of destruction. People moved farther and farther away from Spirit until the whole project turned out to be rather ugly. In the final attempt, the experiment succeeded and Atlantis was reborn into what was called a Golden Era. In this era, people rediscovered their connection with Source. A state of oneness and purity was reborn. The people were highly psychic, made amazing technological progress and enjoyed true spiritual power. They used their psychic gifts and healing abilities for the highest spiritual good of all.

Among the most powerful healers in Atlantis were the high priests, high priestesses and the Magi. The high priests and priestesses were often Spiritual Beings who incarnated to help with this experiment. The Magi were powerful shamans who contributed much to healing in Atlantis. Besides, almost everyone in Atlantis was in touch with their natural healing power, unlike today where harnessing our innate healing power does not feel natural to most people. The Atlanteans used crystals, colour and sound to heal. They were highly telepathic and communicated through their thoughts. With time though, people began to misuse their spiritual gifts and healing powers. They used it more to appease their egos and to prove themselves as superior. This lead to a massive downfall and the vibration of the place dropped so low that almost all energies of love and light left the place. This marked the end of the Atlantean civilisation and the landmass is believed to have been submerged in the Atlantic Ocean. Life continued on other parts of the planet and after several millennia we reached the spiritually significant landmark of 2012 A.D. We are all truly fortunate to have incarnated at this time as we now have a lot more light pouring into the Earth again. The time is now ripe for each of us to help bring more light into our lives and into the planet.

Healers in Atlantis Were You One

Did you incarnate in Atlantis?

There is plenty of speculation on whether Atlantis actually existed or is just part of folklore. But for many of us healers, reading about life on Atlantis rings a bell. Something about it seems very familiar deep down in our hearts. Here are three signs that you may have incarnated in Atlantis:

  •  The most prominent sign is that hearing about Atlantis makes you feel excited, happy or peaceful.
  •  You enjoy working with Reiki, crystals, symbols, colour, sounds, angels, unicorns, earth energies and the like.
  •  Healing with energy feels very natural to you. You often know how to heal without being taught. Your knowledge of healing seems to arise from a secret storehouse buried in you and often catches you by surprise.

If you feel a connection with Atlantis, here is a simple meditation that you can do to draw out your psychic gifts and talents and to use them once more for the highest good of all. For best results, do this simple meditation before your daily self-Reiki session.

  1.  Sit in a comfortable position.
  2.  Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
  3.  Draw the distance symbol in the air and intend that you are connected with the positive energies of Atlantis. Intend that you receive the ability to fully tap into your innate spiritual powers and healing talents.
  4.  Open up your palms and have them facing upwards. This indicates your willingness to receive.
  5.  Receive for as long as you naturally feel like. Then draw the power symbol on your palms. Place your palms over your third eye first and then on your heart chakra for thirty seconds each. This will help you absorb the information you just received.
  6.  Place your palms vertically apart and visualise Planet Earth between them. Intend that you will use your healing gifts and talents for the highest good of the Earth.
  7.  Give thanks and proceed with your self-Reiki session.

This meditation will help you tap into your healing abilities with ease. Healing with energy will begin to feel natural and effortless. It will also bring many blessings to you for helping bring more light into the planet. You will be able to connect more easily with higher beings, angels, archangels and most importantly with your own inner power.



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  1. Kevin L. Scales
    May 19, 2015 @ 21:22:05

    It’s rather tecnical yet it’s a great .


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