Programming Reiki with Chi Ball

Article by Rinku Patel, Reiki Rays

Have you ever been in a situation when you cannot send Reiki to someone due to lack of time? Have you ever been wishing that you could send Reiki daily at particular time for particular hours without actually sitting for Reiki at that time? With heavy schedules, taking care of work, home, kids, family, bills, and what not, we at times don’t get enough time for Reiki. Here is an easy method to program Reiki with Chi Ball through which you can enable Reiki to flow at particular time for particular duration.

Programming Reiki with Chi Ball

How to program:

  • Call upon your God, Angels and Guides to assist you to heal the person or situation.
  • Make a Chi Ball. Invoke symbols and chant its name three times. Draw a big distant symbol in the chi ball and ask it to connect to particular person or the situation.
  • Now state that: ‘For next _____ days for _____ hours, I direct Reiki to heal ___________ (person name or situation). You can even specify timing if needed. ‘I direct reiki to flow and heal _________ (person or situation) for ______ days for _______ hours at _____ time.
  • Now still making the Chi Ball, visualize the probable outcome.
  • End the session by drawing Master symbol and power symbol. (Only power symbol if you are not attuned to master symbol). Thank your God, Guides and Angels.

When to use:

  • You can program for the clients whom you send healing daily.
  • You can program self-healing.
  • You can program protective shield for self and for your loved ones.
  • You can program to charge your Reiki box.
  • You can program to charge your crystal grid.
  • Heal your past or future situations.
  • Program to heal your pets.
  • Program to flow during healing sessions for soothing and calming ambience.
  • Program before meetings, presentations, social gatherings to enable flow at _______ time for _______ hours.

As always, Chi Ball is miraculous. Never let you down ☺


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