Reiki and Future Life Progression

Article by Reiki Master Sunetra Dasgupta, Reiki Rays

The beauty of our life lies in the mystery of the future, yet sometimes something inside says maybe not all shall be well or we worry too much about something which may happen in the future and ruin our beautiful present. This is when FLP or “Future Life Progression” comes to our rescue.
FLP can help us to gain a fair insight in our future and help us to even heal something which may not exactly be for our greatest and highest good or can help us avert a big mishap in the future.

Future Life Progression needs a lot of practice, and one has to realize that one should treat FLP with same respect and integrity with which we treat any PLR (Past Life Regression) sessions. FLP too like PLR are very sacred and should be only done when the feeling is really strong and not plain out of curiosity.

The method of FLP with help of Reiki can be done in the following way:

  • Take 3-7 deep breaths and make your mind clear.
  • Balance your chakras by giving healing to each chakra for a minute each.
  • Connect to the duration of time and the situation with the help of the distance connecting symbol or theMaster symbol ex: “Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen connect me to my career 5 years from now” X3.
  • State the intention and concentrate on your intention for a while till you get the vision.
  • If you see something unpleasant you may heal it with Sei He Ki or Shanti.Reiki and Future Life Progression
  • Once you have got the vision or understood the lesson give it healing for smoothening it out.
  • Once you think the situation has healed ask the symbol to bring you back to you present time.
  • Once you think you are back use Karate Chops or Raku to disconnect with the future energies.
  • Thank the symbols and your Reiki guides for helping you.

One should remember that the time period may not be 100% accurate as Reiki does not understand time so minutely, hence if something is shown to you is going to happen in next 7 months, it can also take place in a year.

Hence take a deep breath try this method and relax. Don’t get worked up if you see something unpleasant, as it shall get released and healed in the best possible way when you practice FLP.

If someone wants to combine crystals while they practice FLP they can use the healing crystal Crocoite also known as Crocoisite. Crocoite is used to connect our Crown chakra directly with the divine energy which can help a person practice this method. They can keep the crystal in their hand while doing the session.


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