5 Most Important Aspects of Spirituality Explained

Article by Erin Janus|


While there are many ways to participate in spiritual practises, embracing genuine spirituality seems to be a rare thing today.  There are obstacles and misconceptions that need to be overcome before we can embody spirituality.  Here are the 5 most important aspects of genuine spirituality:

1) Self-love

Self love is everything when it comes to experiencing genuine spirituality.  Hundreds of thousands of people have spiritual practices such as meditation, reflection, spending time in nature, reading and using tools like crystals, tarot cards, and pendulums.  But without self-love, people will almost always find themselves constantly reaching outside themselves for power and spiritual evolution.

Genuine spirituality is never found in the spiritual tools you use. It is found within yourself.  And when we do not love ourselves enough to be kind to ourselves, patient with ourselves and pay attention to the aspects of ourselves that desperately need healing— we will likely continue to feel the need to fill some void within ourselves with spiritual ‘tools’ and literature, addiction, neediness from other people, which can never fill that void or heal us. Only self-love can.

2) Honesty

A big reason many people gravitate towards spirituality is because they want to be in alignment with Truth.  Many spiritual individuals want to separate themselves from lies, misconceptions and perceptions which limit their happiness and health.  But too often we are dishonest with ourselves about our emotional, psychological and spiritual needs.  Whether it be stemming from childhood trauma to unhealthy belief systems, I don’t know of anyone who does not need some sort of healing.  To experience and embody true spirituality, we need to be fully honest with ourselves, about where we’re at, and what we need to nurture and heal within ourselves.

3) Peacefulness

Peacefulness is often interpreted as a state that only needs to be achieved and experienced within ourselves.  However, our habits, actions and purchases affect other people, other beings and the planet.  It is important that we make the connection that many habits we are raised to participate in and accept are not peaceful, but violent.  For example, 150 billion animals are killed every year for our social, cultural and traditional habits. (Source)  1-2 acres of precious rainforest are cleared every second on this planet, and the leading cause is to raise livestock and crops to feed livestock. (Source)

Our conscience which stems from our soul is a very important part of embracing genuine spirituality.  If we want peacefulness, not just within ourselves but for all other beings and the planet, we must not block that out.  To live peacefully and create a peaceful world requires more than just hoping for it.  We must create that world, and every day our choices can either make the world a worse or better place.

4) Fearlessness

To embrace genuine spirituality, we must overcome fear which is the #1 thing that holds us back from creating a better life, becoming the best version of ourselves and making the world a better place.  Fearlessness does not mean having no fear at all, it means not allowing yourself to be limited and controlled by fear.  When you are afraid— of anything: accept it and face it, and then take the next step.  Don’t let yourself be limited by your fears.  Your soul wants to be free.  And as said Jack Canfield brilliantly said, “everything you want is on the other side of fear.”

5) Imagination

As human beings, we are all gifted with a vivid, colourful and powerful imagination.  And as children, our imagination was naturally where we lived most of the time.  It is imagination that allows us to dream and create the lives that fulfill us the most.  Unfortunately, our imagination often gets shut out and dulled over the years due to discouragement and pressure to conform. To have a healthy, limitless and active imagination is spiritually liberating, as our spirits are naturally limitless.  It is with an active imagination where inspiration stems, and nothing feels more like home than being inspired.  So don’t reject or shut out your imagination, let it take you places.

The misconceptions that true spirituality has to be rigid, difficult, strict or boring are all far from the truth.  To embrace genuine spirituality will always liberate you and allow you to be 100% yourself throughout your journey.  And although spiritual gurus and teachers, tools and practices can definitely add value to your growth, the key to your true spiritual power is within yourself.  

My name is Erin Janus.  I am an aspiring musician, video producer and vegan activist for the people, the animals and the planet.  Thanks for reading this article and feel free to share it around.  You can connect with me on facebook, twitter and YouTube.  Original article by Erin Janus. All rights reserved.

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