Magnesite Gallet

Magnesite Gallet “Dyed” (China) – These Magnesite Gallets are from China and has been dyed a very vibrant blue with just a little matrix. These Dyed Magnesite are a combination of dyed Magnesite and Howlite which has been stabilized for better tumbling and protection of color. We feel that although polymers are added to help stabilize the Magnesite for tumbling, that the vibration of Magnesite is still readily available for energetic purposes.

While its main color is white, Magnesite can also be found in grey, yellow or brown. Because of its similarities to Turquoise, Magnesite (as well as Howlite) is very often dyed blue to create a more economical version of Turquoise.

Work with Magnesite when you need to feel calm, especially when over-worked, over-stressed and trying to keep up with the demands of family. Magnesite opens up the Crown and Third Eye chakras to enhance deep relaxation during yoga, meditation and creative visualization, as it quiets the mind, thus enabling new ideas, thoughts and visions to come forward. It can also work well with the Heart chakra by encouraging unconditional, heart-felt love.

Physically, Magnesite may help lower cholesterol levels; relieves migraines and headaches; reduces body odor; strengthens bones and teeth; regulates extremes in body temperature and helps with PMS symptoms.

Note: Because it is soft and easily scratched, it may be best to keep your Magnesite in a soft pouch when not in use.


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