Rutilated Quartz Mini-Tower

Rutilated Quartz Mini-Tower (Brazil) – These polished Rutilated Quartz Mini-Towers from Brazil are made of Clear Quartz included with needle-like pieces of golden or golden orange Rutile, a material made of titanium dioxide. Rutilated Quartz puts off an exceptionally high level of energy, and is said to bring physical and mental balance and stability. Rutilated Quartz also enhances self-reliance and helps with decision-making. Use Rutilated Quartz as a link between the Root and Crown Chakras. Also use Rutilated Quartz mini-towers in grids.

The Rutile that is included in Clear Quartz crystals is an interesting mineral in itself. It is believed to act as a type of antenna to offer attunement to the higher self, reception of Divine Universal energies, and acceleration of spiritual growth. Rutile works with all the Chakras and is often used to enhance psychic abilities, clearing all energy blockages and bringing increased intuition. It can act as a conduit to transfer higher energies from the upper chakras down into the manifestation of the lower chakras.

These Rutilated Quartz Mini-Towers combine the highly spiritual energies of Rutile with the healing, spiritual, and amplification energies of Quartz, making them wonderful crystals for spiritual growth. Rutilated Quartz is said to clear and strengthen the aura, and many utilize it for purposes of astral travel and channeling. It is also often used as an aid for scrying, done by looking deeply into the crystal and recording any intuitive impulses. The act of gazing into these crystals can facilitate a needed state for productive meditations, and bring a deeper understanding of the Divine Perfection inherent in the Universal Mind.


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