Common Gemstones Used with Reiki and Their Symbolization

There are many people who use crystal therapy with Reiki – the two complement and enhance each other’s effects very well.

Each gemstone is different in the effect it has on a person. They symbolize beauty and power and possess energetic waves, vibrating each on different frequency – and they can get influenced by the presence of other crystals.

Remember to cleanse them before and / or after each healing session, to keep their properties and vibe in good shape. Read more about cleansing crystals.


Image by extranoise

Some popular gemstones and their corresponding symbolization in the world of Reiki are enlisted below:

  • Amethyst: This is a common gemstone having violet or lilac color. It is called a versatile or ‘All-Rounder’ stone and basically good for inducing creativeness in a person. It brings clear ideas and makes a person responsive about several modes. It was being used as a protective measure and is overall an effective stone to wear for entrenching stability. It also keeps body away from any kind of negativities.
  • Tiger’s Eye: This is a strong and protective stone having an ability to blow off curses from a person. It helps in recognition of your own abilities by encouraging growth of mind.
  • Pearl: This is another common stone, which purifies heart and mind. It is used by people to reduce stress and anxiety levels in mind.
  • Quartz: This crystal amplifies and sends energy to a person.
  • Citrine: It’s a member of quartz family and can lift your spirits. It can keep you happy by chasing away the blues and making you happy from inside.
  • Bloodstone: This stone is best in the cases requiring fair and just deals and best for the crucial times, where you require help on your side.
  • Green Aventurine: This soothing stone symbolizes in bringing clarity in your mind and getting access to your inner wisdom. It makes your decision making power strong.
  • Red Jasper: It is best suitable to those who require stability in their life and have had a tough time for their body and mind.
  • Rose Quartz: This stone is for love and you will find many clip on earrings with this stone, which is gifted by lovers to one another for bringing love moments in your life. Quartz is often used in conjunction with other gemstones too.
  • Hematite: It induces spiritual and healing capabilities in a person and unblocks any obstacles in your life.
  • Carnelian: Gives its influence after wearing it for a longer period of time and has galvanizing impacts on your body.
  • Turquoise: This stone can uplift unconditional love, aligns energy chakras and opens heart for acceptance of true love.
  • Sodalite: Sodalite is known for bringing trust and harmony back into your heart and you can get rid of relationship issues by wearing it.

Interested in how each crystal interacts with chakras? Related reading..

The meanings of gemstones are flexible and each has more meanings and properties than we’ve listed. You can wear these crystals in a ring or carry around with you, but the impact is better, if the stone touches your body parts. Keep experimenting by wearing different gemstones and notice the effects they have.


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