Why Is It So Hard for Us To Let Go??

by Alexandria


What is it about the idea of letting go that seems so ‘difficult’ for us? There is some mental work in letting go of emotions, thoughts and painful experiences; but for this article I’m talking about letting go physically.

letting-goThe very idea of letting go exists to show us that we are limiting ourselves. What I’m experiencing is a program of shame that was part of my life as a child.

Shame is what seems to hold us back from acting as the true, most full us. And what are we even scared to show? Our most real and vulnerable feelings?

When we know we are expressing them to people of understanding, there is no fear to be had.

The definition of shame is:

1. A painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behavior.

Wow, the consciousness of wrong. Consciousness knows no right or wrong, it exists infinitely beyond that. So it’s what we’ve deemed, as a society as wrong or foolish. a-simple-path-to-letting-go

I had an experience today of being too ashamed, scared, embarrassed or a weird combination of all those emotions, to dance with my partner in an act of freedom. I just wouldn’t do it and I put myself in the position of a child.

I just stood there, spiraling in emotion and then felt guilt for putting someone through this. I had the complete power to take a breath and shift myself into a state of giving rather than receiving.

Ask a question instead of answering what you think you know. Take the time to get to the core of why you’re feeling like you need to constrict yourself. Why are we so afraid to just get up and act from our hearts, no matter how crazy it seems?

This doesn’t mean act impulsively without consciously taking everyone else into consideration; it’s acting in the moment from a space of deep understanding. And sometimes that understanding looks silly, ridiculous or completely raw.

let-go-before-2014-endsThe heart exists beyond logic so when you live from there, you transcend the boundaries of normality. I’m learning how to live from the heart fully, and sometimes that means you look ‘foolish’. And thats beautiful, there’s no wrong in any of this.

I don’t want to show my true self because I’m ashamed it won’t be good enough. This is a mental program from my past of being told I’m not doing enough to be considered good.

The people surrounding me now know that me being ‘good enough’ is a limit I’ve put on myself. Continuous growth and introspection on who I am and why I do what I do, is the growth they’ve asked for.

Letting go looks like receiving information through the heart rather than the brain. The heart has intelligence of its own that guides us through intuition; and when we ignore it, we are ignoring our most powerful guidance system.


Practice letting go and living through your heart by acting on those subtle urges that we push away.

Like that urge to dance in the moment or the urge to express how you’re feeling to someone. Practice following through on what you want, to then create it.

There’s nothing to let go of, only the willingness to explore the unknown. Plunge into the uncomfortable because you see the benefit of growth it provides.

Listen to those quiet urges for they are the impulses of your heart, and when you follow them fully, you are lead to the truth of who you are.


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