Crow Spirit Animal

Crow Spirit Animal

The crow is a spirit animal associated with life’s mysteries and magic. As totem and spirit guide the crow provides powerful insight and can be an omen or change. Many cultures consider crows to be the keepers of the Sacred Law – nothing escapes their keen sight.

A sign of luck, the crow is also associated with the archetype of the trickster – so be aware of deceiving appearances. If the crow has chosen you as your spirit or totem animal, it supports you in developing the power of sight, transformation and connection with life’s magic.

Because of its affinity with life mysteries and magic, the crow is seen in many shamanic traditions. It is the spirit animal of choice for those who use magic and have the power to manipulate the law of our physical universe. The crow often is the animal of choice of shape shifters.

As a spirit guide, the crow will guide you in getting in touch with the mysteries of life, and with changes in your own life. Crow will help you to develop your ability to perceive subtle shifts in energy within yourself and in your environment. Crow has the ability to go beyond the illusions, especially duality of right and wrong, inner and outer.

Mediate on the crow and align with it. This will help to instill you with the wisdom to know yourself beyond the limitations of single-dimensional thinking and physical laws. It will help you to appreciate the many dimensions of yourself and of reality – and to learn to trust both your intuition as well as your personal integrity.

When you see a crow, know that it is a messenger. It is telling you of the creation and magic that is all around you. This magic is available for the asking. You have but to look for opportunities to bring magic – and powerful spiritual strength – into your life. So look beyond your current range of vision, and listen to the message of the crow.

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