This is perhaps the most simple and effective way to re-wire your thought processes. When you are truly thankful gratitudefor the little things and the bigger blessings in your life, I mean really appreciate them – from the Heart – then you can’t help but feel good as you go about your day. And this positive thinking gives way to more positive thoughts, speech and action from yourself.

Be Grateful for having a bed to stretch out on and sleep in each night. Appreciate the Abundance of useful technologies in your life as you use them. Do not take warmth and comfort for granted. Be appreciative of all those little luxuries that you DO have without thinking about what you don’t have and without comparing what you have or haven’t got with what others have or haven’t got.

Be Thankful to your friends and family that truly care for you, and try your best to show it in return – who cares if it’s slightly awkward! Feel the appreciation and Express it sincerely. Be glad for your good health. Be grateful for the easy access to things in your life. And then of course, there’s the Law of Attraction to come and join in with the fun too – adding to the cycle!

Meditation and Breath-work

Some might think of meditation as some “airy fairy” nonsense that only Buddhists and hippie weirdos participate in. This is inaccurate.


It is not just for those who are considered spiritual. The resounding multifaceted benefits of Conscious Deep Breathing and meditating are becoming more well-known, and with more studies being carried out, the list just keeps growing longer! Absolutely anyone can meditate – anywhere, at any time.

A simple trial, wherever you are, is to simply stop what you are doing if only for a moment (or as long as needed) and, preferably with your eyes closed, take a few long slooowww, deeeep breaths – watching that breath come alllll the way in through your airways, gently filling your lungs and spreading throughout your body; and then watching it go again as you slooowwly release it from within, easing out of your lungs through your airways – and repeating this at your own comfortable pace – as deeply as you can manage.

Can you feel the Powerful Aliveness pumping through your Whole body as you continue to breathe, all working so seamlessly together? Without thinking about anything else, can you focus your attention on that feeling of the rising and falling of your breath in your abdomen and lungs? That Awareness of your Self and your Breath is the Essence of meditation. It is self-awareness and Stillness.

Breath is a VITAL Connection between our inner and outer worlds – if not the most – and everything Breathes. And higher-self-connectionwho knows what it is on an even deeper, more Esotericdimension.. As you continue to breathe long, deep and slow breaths in and out, you are restoring and maintaining Balance Throughout – yourself and everything around you – it is the ability to manage your own STATE OF BEING, i.e. Well, Balanced.

The ability to QUIET THE MIND and find your calm Centre. This method is especially useful in busy environments if (like me) you are Sensitive to people and crowds.

As you further Balance your Breath through continuously Conscious Deep Breathing, the more advanced you become and the more you will feel at ease, see and feel improvements and regain and maintain control in all areas of your life. And then of course, there’s the Law of Correspondence denoting your ability to maintain balance in our entire outer world.

If you are interested in taking up meditation, I recommend trying a few of the abundant guided meditations available for free online as a start, and then find which method is best for you. Why not – what have you got to lose?! We all have plenty to gain and expand into. Have an open mind and Discover your own Awakening Self. The benefits for us all are immeasurable.

Physical Health

The body and mind are undeniably connected and, in accordance with the Law of Correspondence, the more care and attention you give to your body, the more optimistic and constructive your mind will be. The better you feel physically, the more your mind will follow and progress along with the positive feelings.

The benefits of proper nutrition (not less food, the right foods) and regular exercise (of both body and mind) are so well-known that I won’t go too deeply into it here.


What I will advise is that you find the Motivation and self-encouragement to work them both (nutrition and exercise) into your lifestyle in a way that suits you, so that you can make it a permanent change to live with comfortably.

I recommend eating lots of natural foods – organic where possible – and trying out yoga (meditative movement and strength-building), stretching or take up any outdoor form of exercise like cycling through the park, or even a brisk refreshing walk in the park with the dog. Drink plenty of clean Water – it is vitally important and your body will thank you.

Don’t be too strict on yourself, and give it time to build up. As mentioned before, find your own preferences. Just focus your will-power to make that start (probably the most difficult part) and you will very soon be feeling more motivated, healthy, upbeat and just great in many general ways!

Time with Nature

I cannot express how much I love Being with Nature, whether it be hiking up a mountain,  climbing and walking through trees, watching waves in water created by the gentle wind, laying on the grass, sitting amongst flowers, walking barefoot across sands, watching a beautiful waterfall or simply bathing in the Sun. This really is true medicine and is deeply therapeutic.

As we feel the breath of nature in the form of a fresh mountain breeze or the ocean air, it works wonders for our Health – inner and outer. Cities are man-made environments which cluster so many people so close together with not much Space to clear the mind and maintain Balance and Focus.

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 5.14.33 PM

So take the time to do that – Be with Nature and feel the tranquillity she exudes. Be open to the Harmonious Intelligence that allows everything to be and to continue to be. Appreciate Beauty. Allow Nature to teach you to be Still and feel the Healing Energy.

Humbly take a walk anywhere nearby where there is Nature – trees, flowers or a lake – or take a trip to the park or the beach or a hike it up the mountain. Make it a regular thing – a meditation or a therapeutic treatment. Have a picnic or two somewhere nice and relaxing.

It will surely help provide you with peace of mind and give you some perspective. And when you’re not in a ‘natural environment’ – just look up often. Outside, see the beauty of nature that is above us in the sky – always there, always expansive and deep and forever – the outer space.

Take a deep Breath and Balance it all with your inner space. Listen to the sound of the rain and the wind, appreciate appealing clouds in the sunlight and feel the Sun’s warmth and light on your skin – central energy. Appreciate the world and the universe for what it is. Allow nature to gratify your needs and load up your batteries, and if you can meditate in nature, even better! 

Turn off ‘the News’

I’d say turn off the television altogether, but more pressingly, stop watching mainstream news. Not only is it a projector of condensed low frequency negativity, but it is also highly controlled and manipulated, designed to keep you hearing of, talking about and feeling a sense of dreary unawareness and cynicism. It is, at best, not accurate, and certainly not a true representation of the world.

You can learn about events happening around the globe from more accurate and Truthful Sources, without allowing Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 5.15.36 PMit to influence you as mainstream news would. The internet is a gift to be utilized, hosting a plethora of alternative media sources and journalism.

Get your information from more trustworthy agents and, most importantly, use your own personal discernment when processing that information (as you should with any media). Watching TV (except for a select few programs) doesn’t provide you with the ability to think deeply and Evaluatewhat you hear as it aims to keep you in a trivial state of mindlessness.

Here’s what you do: read more books and real information online; watch some of the thought-provoking and intelligent material available; read positive stories about peaceful activism. These will help and guide you. Don’t get caught up in politics. In politics, everyone has an opinion to express, but does any opinion really Manifest good in the world? It can be uplifting and Inspiring to hear and read more about the amazing and beautiful spreading of love and peace and right action that is being carried on the planet at this time. So unplug from the mainstream and get in the REAL ‘loop’! 


In living from your heart and re-learning to have a healthy love of oneself, it is worthwhile to find any passions thatyou have – and pursue them. Even if it means thinking way back to what you enjoyed most as a child, before society swept you up in its ways. Consider your interests and how you can go further with them. What is it that makes you feel happy and content? What is it that you know you are good at, and wish you could spend more time doing? My advice is – do it!

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 5.17.58 PM

We are given a life to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be and to sincerely explore our potential. Don’t let society drain your energy and make you feel insignificant. Don’t keep putting it off. Do more of what truly makes you feel good, what gets you excited. And don’t be afraid to give it all you’ve got. Make a career out of it if you can – it could unlock a deeper purpose to your life.

Won’t it be amazing to live in a world where your passion and life’s work are one and the same? Make real use of your talents and it will ignite you. Live a life worth living, knowing that you are making the most of it. It can also be a form of creative meditation if you find peace in creative expression. Just follow that good feeling and give it space and time to expand and bring more peace, love and joy to you and your world. 

Self-Education and Personal Research

Don’t just take my word for your own Truth. Carry out your own research on – well – anything, everything. Our education doesn’t end at a specific time in life, once we graduate or leave formal, institutionalized Education. We are continuously Learning and expanding our knowledge and skills through life lessons.

We also have this old thing called the internet which provides us with VAST amounts of free information. You can bored-students-83419245419_xlargeteach yourself how to develop new skills as well as your already existing skills as a method of pursuing your passion, or you can educate yourself on Law, or you can simply explore all of the information available to us in your search for Truth.

Countless articles and videos are out there just waiting for you to come across them. Find out more about the benefits of meditation, the effects of love and gratitude and being in nature. Learn more about the controlled media, corporations and the so-called government.

Connect with others who share your passions and learn from them. Take your personal growth into your own hands, at your own pace. And remember to ALWAYS have an open mind, no matter what the subject.


shutterstock_156532292Discover and develop your Intuition, also known as that gut instinct – the feeling you get that you just know to Trust. Your intuition will not steer you wrongly.

Think of it as communication from your higher self. Try not to overlook all of the little messages and coincidences (coinciding incidences) also known as Synchronicity.

Instead – follow where they may lead you and allow your intuition to encourage you to carry out certain actions you may have been hesitant to act on before. The more you follow your intuition, the more it will help and guide you on your path. It is an extremely valuable tool with which we are all born and is well worth developing further.

By: Áine


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