by Ashwini Chube

It was summer of 2011; I was in London in a taxi. All of a sudden there was a loud crash and everything came to sudden halt. We had crashed hard, but we didn’t realize how bad it really was. It was as if something stood in between us as a cushion. When we got out of the cab we saw it was completely destroyed and we we’re all fine.

It felt like someone held us in their loving arms. Someone protected us… 

Angels and our beliefs

sarahs-angel-Rose-Moxon-angels-19060657-1214-1200Our belief system structures our reality. It is what allows us to see and experience life on a ’3D’ level. If the collect consciousness of our planet was open to ideas like angels, aliens, afterlives, etc, we could easily interact with what we call ‘angels’

Those who have not experienced any degree of an ‘awakening’ would find it harder to just understand these concepts under a logical lens.

We are programmed to think that logical, hard science is the only aspect of reality.

For those who follow that feeling within them that compels them to seek deeper, they will experience the magic life has to offer. There is magic for those who have eyes to see it.

What is an Angel?


Everything is energy. We are slowed down light, a lot more dense then something like a ‘light being’, but fundamentally we are all the same.

It is a consciousness that is expressing itself in the form of light. They choose to present themselves with wings and dressed in white because it comforts us.

Sometimes they just look like flashes of light because the amount of energy they emit is too high for us to process. Our 3D minds aren’t able to conceptualize the true reality of Oneness.

Characteristics of Angels

  • Angels are celestial beings
  • They are pure light
  • They exist outside of space and time
  • They do not belong to any particular religion or religious group
  • They exist beyond the ego
  • They operate on the law of free will
  • Can be called upon by anyone and everyone

How they show their Presence

angel-cloud-formationAngels send us messages all the time through physical means. If you have a thought in your head that’s prominent, if you align with certain events or experience synchroncities; they are messages.

It doesn’t matter who they are from as long as you make connections that expand your consciousness.

  • Numbers like 444, 777,111, whatever it is. The point of seeing these numbers is that you create the meaning. When you are growing from these experiences; you don’t need proof of if they are messages or not. If it furthers your evolution; it always is.
  • Feeling warmth during meditation or when you can ‘call upon them’.
  • Smells. Especially ones from your past that trigger nostalgic memories or good feelings within you.
  • Synchroncities of all kind; open your mind to it.

How to connect to them


1) Meditation:

  • Sit in a comfortable position in a place where you won’t be disturbed.
  • Close your eyes and focus on your breathing
  • Relax all the muscles in your body
  • You can ask to connect to your guides or angels
  • Learn to feel your body, observe your thoughts and listen intently
  • You receive messages even if you don’t see, hear or experience anything. It is a process of learning to listen to yourself so immensely that you can open channels of energy.
  • This can look like getting visions, hearing beings or even channeling them. We all have this inherent ability that is suppressed by many things; the most important one being the belief that we can’t do it.

2) Oracle cards:

A lot of oracle cards are designed to talk with angels. This only works when you go in with an open mind. You will Healing-with-the-Angels-Oracle-Cardsreflect any doubt or judgement back onto yourself and have a mundane experience.

Understanding that these cards are a tool for communication opens the door for amazing things to happen.

Ask questions and see that the answers exist for you to create the meaning of. The entire point of all of this is your growth; allow it to happen. 

3) Other ways:

  • Light a candle and set an intention.
  • Connect to nature. Our Earth is a bridge to the divine.
  • Pray and emit uplifting energy. Be light, for you already are a light being.

By: Ashwini Chube

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