13 Signs Of A Blocked Throat Chakra

Our throat chakras are our energetic centers for communicating clearly. This chakra governs our clairaudient ability as well as physically helps to maintain our inner ear, nose and throat system.Located at the base of the neck the throat chakra is important for expressing ourselves clearly and with confidence. Its all about letting our voices be heard! Any blockage in this area can lead to a shut down of the other functions chakras or can lead to a build up of stagnant energy, which is not optimal for energy flow.

When this happens, we can quickly see symptoms that are emotional, physical and spiritual.

Here are the most common signs of a blocked throat chakra:

  1. Frequent miscommunication
  2. The Inability or fear of speaking up for yourself
  3. Feeling misunderstoodstock-footage-young-man-sitting-on-sofa-talking-to-his-therapist-at-therapy-session
  4. Feeling like your voice isn’t heard
  5. Suppressed anger
  6. Increased sore throat
  7. The inability to articulate your thoughts
  8. Being withdrawn or held back
  9. Creating communication barriers
  10. Swollen lymph nodes
  11. The inability to connect with your etheric body
  12. A lack of confidence in your own thoughts and feelings
  13. Feeling like you haven’t ‘made your mark in the world’

happy_small_talk-713x528Your throat charka is your drive to communicate; that desire for other people to understand.

When you feel like you’ve missed your chances to speak your peace, create that opportunity. There is always time for you to be heard and seen for who you are.

All it takes is the will to transform your thoughts into words.

Once you can turn thoughts into words; turn those words into action!

By: LJ Vanier


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