Third Eye, Clear Quartz And Manifestation

Article by Haripriya Suraj, Reiki Master, Reiki Rays

Manifestation that happens from the third eye centre is indeed powerful. If you can hold an image of your heartfelt desires in your third eye, you achieve the power to move Earth and Sky to bring about its fruition. One of the crystals associated with the third eye chakra is clear quartz. The energy of clear quartz in conjunction with the power of the third eye can make you a Master Manifestor.

It is important to remember that this will only help you manifest those desires that stem from your higher self and help you with your life’s purpose. It will not work for ego based desires or desires that lack clarity.

The Technique

* Ensure your clear quartz crystal has been cleansed and cleared of all negative energies.

* Hold it between your palms and give it Reiki for as long as you feel guided to.

* Lie down and draw the Cho Ku Rei symbol on your third eye. Masters must also draw the Master Symbol. If you are not attuned to symbols yet, you can just give Reiki to your third eye chakra for a minute or so.

* Place the crystal on your third eye.

* Close your eyes and form a clear image of your desire in your third eye. Feel the love, joy, and everything else that you would feel if this image were a reality. If you are not a visual person, you don’t have to worry. Just feeling these emotions works just as well.

* Stay with this image and feeling for a minute or two.

Third Eye, Clear Quartz & Manifestation

* If limiting thoughts come up just release them with a long out breath. Request your guides and angels to heal these blocks to manifestation. Then get back to focusing on the image.

* If you wish to work on more than one desire, release the first image and allow the next image to form in your third eye. Feel your emotions and stay with this image for a while. Then move to the next one and so on.

* Angel lovers can also call on Archangel Raziel and request him to bless the process. Raziel’s energy helps with manifestation work.

* Once done, remove the crystal. Draw another power symbol over your third eye to seal the process.

* Express your gratitude and get up feeling great!

This technique is best done in the morning. It can help you start off the day on a positive note. In addition to visualising your desires, you can also visualise an awesome day ahead that is filled with joy, surprises, opportunities, health, peace and all things good. Enjoy manifesting!

Haripriya Suraj

Haripriya is a Reiki Master, Angel Healer, and Spiritual Teacher. She was drawn to Reiki right from her childhood and Reiki went on to become part of her life’s purpose. Reiki is her constant companion from which she derives peace and contentment. After reaping the fruits of Reiki practice in her life, she was inspired to spread the joy of Reiki. She is the founder of Aananda Holistic Center where she conducts as well as teaches Reiki and Angel Healing. Haripriya resides in Bangalore, India. Reach Haripriya and at Aananda Holistic Center on Facebook.


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