The 5 Kinds of Empaths

The Universe has gathered a group of profoundly evolved spiritual beings for the purpose of assisting Planet Earth on her evolution to the next level.  Your job is to anchor the Divine Light on Planet Earth, assist with shedding light in the darkness and to bring more and more Divine Light to the planet and its people.

Before applying for one of the following positions, be aware that when accepting the position and entering a human body, all knowledge will be lost of what your job is, what you are meant to do about it and the connection with the group.  Therefore, when in the body, many will find it hard to take responsibility for accepting this role and play the victim and see the gifts as a curse.  It will be the responsibility of some of the group to encourage the others to become skilled and regain that knowledge.

ESP-Psychics-Explained-Telepathic-Communication-Spiritual-Power-Gifts-God-or-Satan-Telepathy-Orgin-The_BibleEmotional Empaths

This is the foundation of all empaths. Everyone is at a different level of emotional responsibility. Literally: the ability to respond.

Everyone is inherently empathic, it’s how we choose to act in response to feelings that make us more or less sensitive. Empathy is the ability to feel others, something we are all able to do when we

Animal Empaths

With this level, your purpose is to support the Animal kingdom on the planet.  You will have the ability to feel the emotions and understand the needs of animals around you. Visiting zoo’s is can be extremely difficult as well as farms or anything of the like. Some animal empaths are vegan. Animals feel safe with you and therefore, attracted to you.

woman-earth-josephineEarth Empaths

Your purpose is to support Mother Nature and therefore your abilities will be to sense the energy of the planet.  Earth Empaths can sense when the energies of the Earth are shifting.

You may feel anxiety, headaches and physical pain before or during events like earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions.

The feelings usually pass after the event has occurred.  Global Empaths are similar in the way that they feel the emotions of the people involved in the catastrophes.

open_third_eye_psychic_ability_haunted_powers_black_magic_spell_cast__1b057e75Medium Empaths

Your purpose is to provide communication for those who are on the other side of the veil.  You will have the ability to feel and sense the presence of spirits and the departed.

These empaths can help to heal grief and share information from spirit guides. Sometimes advanced psychics see visions, symbols or feel sensations from the spirit of the passed over person.

Healing Empaths

Your purpose is to feel other people’s physical symptoms and sense their physical ailments.  With training you will be able to assist other to pinpoint diseases which, with the assistance of a health-care practitioner, heal.

Healing is the act of being a conduit for energy to pass through you. When you can line up with that energetic flow, you are a healer. We all have the ability to heal; the first step is understanding it’s possible.


Your purpose is to mirror back to the humans what they wish to remain unseen, and if they are willing, it can heal them. They will progress spiritually and enhance the light on the planet.

You will have the strongest of healing abilities. You will have the strongest challenges, for it is in those challenges that you will gain the wisdom to help others on their journey.  You will have the ability to disrupt stagnant energy and energy stuck in a loop.  Your presence will cause the energy around you to move in a different direction.

Although most Empaths will feel very lonely and unsupported, know that you are lovingly supported by the Universe and that by seeking out others of your kind where you will find even more support.  Do whatever it takes to remember your skills and who you really are.  The Planet and its people, more than ever, need you.

By: Robyn Iacuone

Empath Coach


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