Unlocking Your 6th and 7th Senses


Science is not considered to be advanced enough to detect and measure the 6th and 7thsense energy fields. Because of this, such phenomena is known as paranormal and illegitimate. But since so many people are interested in the matter, this started to change. There are 5 commonly accepted senses our body uses to collect information about the external world. Recently the 6th sense has come into humanity’s collective awareness. We are familiar with the theory of our metaphysical world containing extrasensory perceptions and our chakras. I bet you’ve never heard about humans having a 7th sense.

Aristotle, the Greek Philosopher, was the first to classify the primary senses, naming only five of them: sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. The sense organs’ receptors for specific stimuli are connected to your body’s nervous system. The nervous system sends data to your brain, providing you the information about the physical (external) world. That is obviously clear, but what about the essential (internal) world?

Psychic-Shield-2The Buddhist on the other hand, consider the mind to be a sense organ as well. The mind is simultaneously processing the collective data of the five senses. At the same time it becomes the gateway, making exponential or fractal leap to a broader spectrum of perception that includes your internal sensory system. This extrasensory system is known as the psychic realm.

Since humans were a much more primitive species, our sixth sense has been feared and revered. This view depended on the socio-cultural conditions throughout the ages. If you were born, let’s say into a Native American tribe, you would be considered to be a genius and soon you would become community’s shaman. In other cultures or ages, you would be declared as mad or even sentenced to death. Even in modern times, the opinion is divided, but still, room is being made for the 7th sense. At last, humanity finally decides to continue its evolution onto higher forms of consciousness.   

Collecting data about the 6th and 7th senses is very difficult because these senses function outside of space and time. Intuition, déjà vu, pats life parallels and prescience are all incorporated in the 6th sense.


But we seem to always tend to explain a multi-dimensional event by searching for logical cause-and-effect linear story. The moment our mind cannot connect two things by logic, we call it coincidence.

The complexity contained within your senses and the fact that there are different definitions about it, a scientific agreement hasn’t been reached yet regarding the number of senses. It is known that the senses are divided into exteroceptive (the traditional 5 senses) and interoceptive (the senses that perceive sensations in the internal organs neurologically linked to the brain, for instance blushing, respiration, sensation of fullness etc.). At the same time, there are sub-groups, such as the body’s awareness of balance, pressure, pain, temperature. These are derived from the synthesis of multiple senses.

Now, let’s focus on the chakras which are multi-dimensional vortices of energy. They act as an interface between the dense physical world and the non-physical world of pure consciousness. There are seven chakras as there are seven senses. Note that your primary senses are inseparable from your chakra system. medium_PsychicMind

Your 6th sense utilizes your feeling body to inform you when your intuition is on or off target. Your 7th sense on the other hand, is often called The Universal Library or the Hall of Records. No intermediary or channeling is involved, instead it’s direct access to all information contained within the entire Universe, relative to your physical world. Your 7th sense is your doorway to the Universal Self via Unity of Consciousness. It’s definitely bypassing our physical world.

So how do we know when we are accessing our 7th sense? Every one of us intermittently uses his or her 7th sense, but most of us do so unconsciously. For instance, you are using your 7th sense when you ask the Universe a question and then you receive the answer as your own thought. It is pure knowing. You are using your 7th sense when looking for something that’s been lost andyour own two feet are walking directly towards the hidden object. The 7th sense is cultivated when we consciously make use of all the resources available to us in the Universe. Nothing can ever be hidden from us by any part of Creation – past, present or future.


So why don’t you tap into your 7th sense and inquire? This can happen by sitting quietly in contemplation or remaining in a state of open wonderment. We still have the wonder of a child within us and it’s the gateway to greater knowledge. As a matter of fact, in reality, all of life is a gateway to higher consciousness or enlightenment known as Self-Knowledge.

If you want to know how the Universe works all you have to do is ask! Information will start flowing to you at a level you can understand. When you are ready to go even deeper, the spectrum will start broadening. Keep in mind that the information is relative to the physical plane as a more comprehensive version of reality. And it is by no means complete. But the human nervous system hasn’t got the capacity to contain the totality of light.

Now you are left with the information that you are capable of unlocking your 7th sense. At first, it seems more easy been said than done but you can start cultivating greater awareness until your 7th sense becomes inseparable from the rest of your senses.
By: Renne Caff


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