6 Ways To Recognize An Old Soul


What is an old soul?

It is a concept we’ve created using time to measure the age of a consciousness. But what if you exist outside of time? How can you be young, old or anything like that when you are already everything?

old-soulThe concept of old and young souls exists on the mental planes. When you increase in awareness, frequency and vibration, you transcend space and time. There is no old and young, no beginning or end; just cycles of creation. Time is a very real thing on the level of reality we exist on.

Consciousnesses come into existence from that initial spark of creation, and in that realm; there are no limits. We can’t comprehend how it works with a 3D brain. Everything already exists; when you view it through a lens of the third dimension, we see it as a linear progression. From our perspective, old souls exist. When you fractal all the way to source, age is merely a concept.

If your specific soul path has chosen to incarnate more than others have; that’s considered an old soul. It’s someone who chooses tasks that will grow their consciousness. It’s souls that take on the difficult in order to gain experience. This can manifest as wise, mature and insightful people.

You Enjoy Solitude

Some old souls don’t need to spend time with other people all the time. Being alone is a time of reflection, a time to think, see and understand from a distance. This doesn’t mean you’re antisocial or dislike people; you just see the value in being alone sometimes. A great deal of inspiration, ideas and plans come from time spent alone. 

over soul You Seek the Truth

Finding the truth is a constant search that facilitates growth and the expansion of awareness like no other.

When you get an answer, it only leads to another question.

There are so many mysteries to be solved, so many questions still left unanswered. You might feel incomplete when you aren’t absorbing information.

 You see the Value of Spirituality

Being spiritual isn’t just believing in ‘new age woo’; but understanding the structure of our reality. It is the science of spirit and it answers questions nothing else seems to be able to. Being spiritual is being free in your beliefs, because you understand that fundamentally, everything exists. There is no need to question if something is real or not; in some dimension, somewhere; everything is real, everything exists.

 You are Introspective Reflective-salt-flats-in-Bolivia

Being able to look at your behavior objectively is the key to growing. Seeing how you’re acting without judgement is an amazing skill not many of us can easily acquire.

We are quick to judge everything because that’s how we discern reality. When we are reflective of what we’ve done and who we are, we get a clear picture of who we’d like to become.

Reflect on your life, your actions and see how you got to where you are in life because of your choices.

 You see the Bigger Picture

your-eye-colourrThere is a lot unfolding on Earth, and none of it is being featured on your newsfeed. To see the bigger picture of what’s happening, you need to do some digging.

You need to discern the truth from what’s false and you need to connect the pieces of the puzzle yourself.

Getting caught up in material ventures is nothing to be ashamed of; it’s beautiful as it’s what makes us human.

Balance your priorities, keep expanding your awareness by researching, studying and discerning what you think is the truth.

 You Really Listenlistening-in-sales

It’s easy to passively listen, but to actively participate in an engaging conversation is a whole other story. When you listen fully, you aren’t waiting to talk; you’re immersed in the vibration of the words.

When you listen with you’re heart, you don’t need to think of what to say, it just flows through you.

The more you practice being mentally aware through intently listening, the more you will hear. You will hear the core of peoples messages, not what they said, but what they meant.

By: Violeta Pesic


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