Smokey Quartz-Elestial

Smokey Quartz-Elestial

“The Smokey Elestials are excellent healing crystals, that have a potent vibration for creating healing, within the etheric body.

They are helpful quartz formations to aid sleep problems, and in preventing nightmares. If you have a painful area in your body, place the Elestial quartz crystal on the spot and allow it to aid the pain.

There are a number of healing attributes associated with these healing crystals. They are excellent for bone related problems, especially following surgery.

The Elestial can be used to stabilize brain wave frequencies and to assist healing on a deeper soul, and karmic level.

Smoke quartz is a great grounding stone, carries strong earth energy and cleans energy meridians and ley lines.

Great for grounding energy and removing negativity, Elestial formations work in a particularly gentle way as they allow energy to flow freely throughout.

Image: harvestheart.tumblr. Text: spiritualwisdommagazine

Healing and Crystal Therapy's photo.

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