The meaning of life is… This.

I’m not pulling your leg.

This right here – What’s happening right now – This is the meaning of life.


What about helping others?help each other

What about love?

What about growing as a person?

Those things will never happen outside of now. They are part of this. So is reading thisarticle, biting your lip, and that itch you have juuuust about now.

A related question is “why do we exist?”

We exist because existence itself, now, the Tao, God, willed us into existence – We in the sense of being our separated minds.

In the deepest sense, “I am”. My words trickling out of me – my mind – This is existence itself. This.

Everything that is, is part of this. You can create your own version of the meaning of life and it will be part of this.

I will forget about this. You will forget about this – Most of life we go through a haze, where we’ve forgotten it. In a way, that is the essence of the human experience – Forgetting that you are everything, or to put it in Alan Watts’ words, “…playing that you weren’t God”.


You and I both will have moments of clarity; moments where you stop and suddenly see something that wasn’t there a moment ago – Like a different dimension of thought that momentarily presented itself to you.

You feel the residues of that moment of clarity and know that you remembered something you’ve always known, you laugh a bit at how silly you’ve been for forgettingthis and at how you thought this life could be anything but profound and beautiful. Then you forget.

Every time, however, the residue of those moments of clarity leaves an impression on you. It leaves the impression in the form of some fatty coating called myelin around your axons – A very unspiritual thing to say. The point is that every time you have that moment of clarity – Those moments where you see THIS – Life becomes just a little more calm, serene, beautiful, meaningful and all those other soothing adjectives.

The way to get these moments of clarity – where you are deeply present in this – is to train yourself to see things as they are.

See things as they are.

Not as you judge them to be. Not as you’d like them to be. As they are.

I want to leave you with a quote from a mind that really had it nailed down – Lao Tzu. This quote suggests that what you’ve just read is not the ultimate truth.

“The Tao that can be named is not the eternal Tao”

Vegard Gjerde,
Global Harmony Crew

Team Spirit!


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  1. kuropriest97
    Sep 02, 2015 @ 15:00:13

    Life is an illusion. That’s It


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