Light Blue Topaz


Light Blue Topaz Chips/Chunks “B” (Brazil) – These Light Blue Topaz Chips and Chunks are considered “B” grade because the color is not strong and may have more matrix. Most Blue Topaz is treated in order to achieve the deep blue coloring, but these light blue topaz chips are all natural.

Light Blue Topaz can be helpful for providing emotional support, repelling negativity, and cultivating the knowledge that “all is as it should be”. Topaz can be used as an aid to meditation and relaxation, and has been used as a protective amulet against psychic attacks and household accidents. The vibrant energy of these Light Blue Topaz Points make them excellent aids when one needs to see their place in the universe and to understand the big picture regarding a particular issue.

Combined with Tiger Eye, Topaz is thought to attract money when placed around a green candle. Being such a light color blue, this form of Topaz is related to the Throat and Third Eye Chakras, and may be able to help attune to higher realms. In addition, Light Blue Topaz is said to help you recognize your own truth, so you can see if you are indeed on your true path.

If you discover that you are off your purpose, these Light Blue Topaz Points can help you focus your desire to learn.

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