Alongside the power of positive thinking, visualization and affirmations, meditation has greatly grown in mainstream popularity over the past decade. 

The benefits of meditation:

The scientifically proven benefits of meditation range from increases in your levels of happiness, recall and thinking, to improvements in your social life, health and wellness and overall Emotional Quotient. 

On the spiritual level, meditation helps grow your luck, ideas and intuition, while exponentially increasing your learning curve cycle, allowing you to grasp concepts and make leaps more quickly, and eventually reach the level of the Masters, perhaps even levitating or manipulating time. child-meditating-guided-meditation-672x372

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

Meditation, especially in the traditional sense of sitting still cross-legged and focusing your attention and mind’s eye on a point in the ether… well it’s just not for everybody is it? 

Somehow your mind keeps slipping, you find yourself losing your point of focus and occasionally even find yourself drifting off to sleep. Or worse still, reciting your to-do or shopping lists repeatedly.

So what are some easy alternative options if you find that traditional meditation is not for you?


yoga-triatlon-juanp-masajista-deportivo-entrenamiento-planeta-triatlonFor people that enjoy a more physical expression of meditation, yoga, or any intense exercise, will focus your mind completely in the present moment, which is one of the key benefits of any meditative practice.

The physical positions you align yourself into open up certain chakras and energy lines the physical discomfort is enough to bring you into the present moment entirely, focusing your mind and taking care of the conscious thought aspect of it for you.

For amazing free and paid yoga resources visit http://www.yogadownload.com

Heart-based Meditation

Another very easy to learn and use meditation you’ll find online is the Global Care Rooms. 

heart-light-1Sponsored by HeartMath and using their Quick Coherence Technique as a base, the Global Care Rooms are a virtual meeting room where you can join other users from around the globe for a heart-based meditation session lasting just under 15 minutes, conducted to the background of a specially designed music piece.

The Quick Coherence Technique is also a very powerful stress-busting tool, making this meditation combination a powerful one to use with any group at the beginning of meetings, helping to reduce their stress levels and bring them to into entrainment, a state that promotes harmony and cooperation.

In addition, team members will be able to utilize the technique for effective stress management when on their own.

Mindfulness Meditation


If you’ve ever been doing a task or creative project where you’re gone completely into focus with what you’re doing, even to the point of jumping when someone breaks your attention, then you’ve experienced a mindfulness meditation experience. 

With mindfulness meditation, you bring your focus completely to the task in front of you, completely focusing your energy and intention on the matter at hand.

Because it endows you with the ability to be able to completely focus on the task at hand, mindfulness meditation practice is probably one of the most immediately results-bearing and useful meditation practices you can undertake.


A final simple meditation practice is mantras or chants. 

Rhythmically intoning and repeating a single word or sound is a powerful and easy way to keep your mind in the present moment – and is really easy for anyone to learn to do.

You can use words like Ohm, and name for a deity that is of significance to you, or even concepts like love, joy, happiness or peace.

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