Timeout: How to Perform a Quick Healing Session


It’s not always possible to do a full healing session. In times like these, we’d better make good use of the time we have available.

Here’s a suggestion on how to conduct a quick treatment. It’s an abridged version of the full treatment. Enjoy :)

Image by openDemocracy

Have the patient sit on a chair, legs and arms uncrossed. This is because the uncrossed is an open position, making it easier to receive energy, as opposed e.g. to the closed positions such as lotus etc.

  1. Hands on shoulders.
  2. Hands on the head.
  3. One hand on the upper neck, and the other on the forehead.
  4. One hand on the back of the neck, and the other between the throat and heart chakras.
  5. One hand on the breast bone, the other on the back, mirrored.
  6. One hand on the solar plexus, the other on the back, mirrored.
  7. One hand on the lower stomach, the other on the back, mirrored.
  8. Ground them by placing both hands on their feet for about a minute.

Above are the basic steps. Spend 2-3 minutes in each position, unless you are guided otherwise. Below are some things to be aware of throughout the treatment:

  • Take it easy, don’t rush. Patients can sense these things.
  • If you or the patient are uncomfortable touching certain areas, keep your hands slightly away from the body, in the aura.

Remember to offer your patient some water at the end of the session.



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