Tumbled Antigorite (India) — This Tumbled Antigorite from India is a beautiful emerald green color and has some wonderful translucency. We are delighted to be able to add this new item to our online catalog! These Tumbled Antigorite crystals are hand polished in India and are flat shaped, which makes them convenient to carry in your pocket, purse or medicine bag.

Antigorite is a variety of the Serpentine group of minerals. Because of its affinity with the Heart Chakra, Antigorite can release emotional blockages and their resulting negative energy, thus allowing us to get away from those persons/things that no longer serve and keep us from advancing with our lives.

Antigorite allows creativity to flow and intuition to bloom. It can enhance our ability to tell a fraud when we see it and gives the final push to move past the lies and begin to make positive changes in our lives – a new start, so to speak.

Physically, Antigorite detoxifies the body, increases cellular regeneration and aides in the healing of a misaligned spine.

Note: Due to the softness of this mineral, it is not recommended to use Antigorite in the making of elixirs.


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