Treating Emotional Problems with Reiki

This Reiki technique can be used to help heal emotional crisis or wounds. It strengthens the emotional immune system, allowing for better dealing with the emotional problem.


1. Sit down comfortably and relax.
2. Draw the mental healing symbol in the air and pronounce its name thrice. Imagine it remains in the air where you drew it.

3. Cover it in a white or golden healing ball of energy.
4. Seal everything by mentally drawing the power symbol and repeating its name thrice.
5. Take the energy ball in your hands and contract it so that it’s smaller, but just as powerful.
6. Physically push the ball into the heart chakra.
7. Give Reiki to the heart chakra for about 8- 10 minutes or as long as you feel guided to.

This technique takes about 10 – 15 minutes to complete.

A wonderful thing about this technique is that using it regularly tends to erase our obstructive behavior patterns so naturally that we don’t even notice it. As a result, all the anger and fear or jealously begins to ease, making room for a calm, peaceful atitude that simply invites happiness into our lives.


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