Three Reiki Tricks You Didn’t Know

Here’s some useful and interesting Reiki “tricks” you probably aren’t doing.

1. Reiki your mattress before going to bed. Imagine it filled with a “network” of light and golden-white energy, and intend that it be discharged throughout the night as needed for your highest good. Your body will benefit and your sleep will have more restoring power. You’ll wake up feeling more rested, as if you had slept an extra hour or two.

Image by Serge Melki

2. Reiki your workout gear. Charge your running shoes, gym equipment,swimming suit, intending for a good, satisfying, and fulfilling workout. You could even draw Cho Ku Rei, e.g. on the insides of your shoes.

3. Reiki your wallet. Imagine it engulfed in an energy ball that sweeps and cleans it and its contents. Money, papers, bank cards – intend that everything is energized abundantly, and that it attracts even more abundance. Say to yourself I am a generous giver, and an awesome receiver. Intend that all negativity surrounding your wallet is discharged, and all that remains is love. Love your wallet :). And share the love!


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