Self Reiki

Article by Angie Webster, Reiki Rays

It is very important for Reiki practitioners to treat themselves frequently. Daily is best. When you give Reiki to yourself you are staying directly in touch with the sensation of offering and receiving Reiki. For those that are new to Reiki, acquainting yourself with these sensations is helpful. Self Reiki is an excellent way to learn what these sensations are like as well as to experience healing through Reiki, firsthand. When you heal yourself, you become a better healer for others.

Self Reiki will work for you in the same way that receiving Reiki from someone else does. It heals on the mental, spiritual, emotional and physical levels. Anything that manifests on a physical level will have a deeper root in the emotional, mental or spiritual realm. Regular self Reiki treatments can ease these deeper imbalances before they manifest on the physical level. Aside from keeping your physical body well, this allows for greater emotional freedom, decreased mental stress and deeper spiritual growth. It will also improve your ability to spot an imbalance early, prior to it manifesting physically.

Giving Reiki to yourself can seem different than when giving Reiki to others. This sometimes leads to the nagging feeling that Reiki is not flowing or the self treatment is being done wrong. However, there is no need to be concerned. Reiki always flows where it is needed, including when you are treating yourself. Trust the Reiki. Worry during the treatment will only cause resistance and inhibit your ability to feel the flow of Reiki. Relax and enjoy the healing.

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Just as when you are treating others, self treatment sessions will vary from one time to another. You may have times where you don’t experience anything at all. Other times, you may be deeply moved and feel emotions coming up for release. You may feel warmth, cold or heaviness in your entire body or only in certain areas of the body.  Sometimes you may feel the Reiki flowing intensely from your hands. You may also feel your body pulling the Reiki from your hands. Even if you don’t feel the sensations, Reiki is coming through and going where you need it most at that time. Allow yourself to completely feel whatever you are experiencing, in the same compassionate way you would allow a patient to do so. Observe your breath and any sensations you feel as you relax deeply.

When you are feeling unwell, treat yourself with Reiki as soon as possible. Even a mini Reiki self treatment can help shorten the duration of the imbalance, or even eliminate it altogether. Practice developing an awareness of your emotional, mental and physical state. In this way, you will be better able to self treat early and stay well.

Self Reiki is a wonderful tool to use when you have injured yourself. Apply Reiki directly to the injured area for at least one minute; longer if your intuition guides you to do so. You may find that bleeding stops faster, cuts heal more quickly and swelling and bruising may be minimized when you apply Reiki to an injury. Self treating an injury right away is best, but even injuries that aren’t treated until later will heal more quickly with Reiki self treatment.

Don’t wait until you are sick or injured. Make daily self Reiki part of your routine. When you treat yourself daily, you will begin to notice that you feel better, and are more aware of the flow of energy in your body. Your health will improve and you will find that things seem to flow more easily, even on challenging days!

Angie Webster

Angie Webster is a freelance writer, Reiki Master Teacher and meditation teacher. She lives in central Illinois with her husband and her cat. She incorporates yoga, meditation, healthy food, Reiki and spiritual practice to guide and heal her body, mind and life. Reiki and a healthy lifestyle contributed to her recovery after a 20 year struggle with neurological and other health issues. She comes out the other side with a new perspective on life and now seeks to empower others, reminding them of their own healing abilities. You can follow her at:,,


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