Bury Your Blockages

Article by Rinku Patel, Reiki Rays

Have you done everything you come across to bring peace, love and tranquility in life but to no avail? Have you tried all kind of abundance and prosperity rituals but got no result? Chances are, there are some blockages related to your goals and desires that is not letting you manifest your dreams. It is like a big boulder blocking a smooth and straight road, you just need to move that big boulder. That are many ways to remove blockages that hinders with manifesting it. One of them is burying your blockage. There are two ways to do it: bury in earth or bury under rock/Epsom/Himalayan salt.

Bury in Earth

Why bury in earth? The concept is putting your total trust in Mother Earth to remove all negativity and blockage related to your wish. It is quite similar to my article plant a wish. But here were are not going to write anything or wanting new things in life. This is solely to remove blockages related to your wish. You can perform this method on Full Moon too.

Bury Your Blockages


  • Think of what are the blockages that needs to be released- love, marriage, money, happiness, career, travel etc. Now pick one object that resonates with your wish. It could be a crystal, statuette, show piece or anything.
  • Draw Reiki symbols on it and connect it with the energies of Earth and Universe.
  • Hold it between palms and give Reiki to it. Ask Mother Earth and Universe to remove all blockages resonating and symbolizing the object. Ask that all blockages related to ______ issue be removed for your highest good and best intentions. State your intention clearly.
  • Bury the object in garden or in any plant.

Have faith that your issue has been taken care of.

Bury in Salt

Since ancient times, salt have been used to remove negativity. Here we will bury the symbolizing object in the salt to remove negativities related to your wish.


  • Take a big bowl filled with rock/Epsom/Himalayan salt.
  • Same as above, pick an object resonating with your wish, connect with Universe and give Reiki while stating your intention clearly.
  • Bury the object under salt in the bowl. Leave the bowl somewhere it won’t be disturbed.
  • That’s it.

Have faith that all the negativity shall be removed now.

Rinku Patel

Rinku Patel is a Reiki Usui Master. She practices also Karmic Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Angel Reiki, Crystal Healing, Dowsing, Soulmate Reiki, Angel card, Tarot Card, Imara Reiki and Magnified Healing. Classes and Healing: Usui Reiki, Karmic Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Angelic Reiki, Soulmate Reiki, Crystal healing, Angel and Tarot card reading, Dowsing, Imara Reiki and Magnified Healing. Rinku can be reached via her email address reikithemiraclehealing@gmail.com and on Facebook at Reiki The Miracle Healing.


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