Do you feel your stress melt away when you’re in a natural setting?  Does gardening improve your mood?  How does it feel when a pet cuddles up to you? Now, turn it around.  What does it feel like to be in a crowded place?  Are you tired after an encounter with someone who is negative or stressed out?  What happens to your well-being when you witness a situation that is full of drama?

One fascinating aspect of the spiritual plane is that we tend to absorb the energies of people around us, so we’ve compiled some tools here to help guard you against negative energy.

 1. Incense


Incense is well known as a purifying agent. While it may be impossible to use incense in a public space, it is great for cleansing living spaces or for setting a mood when gathering with loved ones.

When you go to buy incense, be sure that you are purchasing a product that is free of toxic artificial perfumes and is 100% natural.

For simplicity, we recommend the old standby, Nag Champa.

2. Smudging

smudging_featherSimilar to burning incense, smudging is a Native American tradition in which the user slowly burns bundle of white sage.

The smoldering herb is a powerful antithesis to harmful psychic energies of others, as it helps to take residual past negativity and send it away.

Burning sage can help to get rid of emotions that tend to linger but are not helping us, such as anger and fear, helping one to regain their composure and de-stress. Smudging has been used for countless generations to clear negative energy out of spaces, bodies, and spirits.

3. Essential Oils

There is definitely a trend among numbers one, two and three on this list.  Our sense of smell is intimately linked to our emotional states, more so than any of the other senses. Certain essential oils such as myrrh and sandalwood have cleansing properties similar to sage and incense.

Various spices with essential oil bottle and dropper

They also help us feel good because they smell awesome! When we get to a place where we start to realize that modern medicine has many limitations, we can begin to realize that our physical and psychic well-beings can be healed when we decompress.

Oil can be applied a drop at a time in various spots around the body, but seem to be most effective when placed around the area of your third eye or crown of the head. Essential oil aroma can also be spread throughout a room using an oil diffuser.

4. Take a Shower or Bath

Having problems with stress and negativity? Why not wash it all away, literally? We feel great after a nice shower or bath because the water not only cleans our skin of impurities, but our souls as well. To help the process along, set an intention. Meditate on the idea that the negative energy you’ve accumulated is being sent away from your being and down the drain.

To enhance the healing properties of a bath, add essential oils or epsom salts. Afterwards, help heal skin dryness and assist your well being even further by applying essential oils to your skin. Try ones that have a calming effect, such as lavender.

5. Mantras

Even if you are only speaking them in your head, mantras can be a powerful way to adjust your mental, psychic, or even physical state. However, when said out loud, the effects of a mantra can be even more profound due to the vibrations interacting with your energy-body.


Mantras are found in cultures all over, throughout time immemorial, even if they have been somewhat lost in ‘advanced’ nations. Those that are found in Kundalini Yoga seem to be particularly powerful, but here are a few more specific ones that are easy to do anytime to eliminate negative energy:

  • KRIM  (“kreem”) – stimulates the lower chakras of the body and physically purifies.
  • HUM (“hyoom”) – breaks down negativity and spreads vitality through the body.
  • LAM (“lam”) – cleanses impurities that have collected in your body and clears blockages preventing your energy channels from freely flowing.

Also, try making up your own personal mantra that works for you. It’s easy! Think about words that you associate with positivity and speak them!

6. Sounds

This is associated with the chanting of mantras. Yogic practitioners have long used bells, chimes, and even gongs to make negative spirits leave. We all have heard the relaxing sound of wind chimes on a neighbor’s porch.  These sound waves move through space and dispel stagnation. Also, the vibrations help your energy-body relate to frequencies and line up your spiritual power.

 7. Amulets

We know about the powerful effect of the cross symbol to believers in Christian mythology. It seems to create a powerful state of being when meditated upon.  The purpose of talismans in religion is to protect the spirit of the one who wields them. They are very sensitive to the intentions of the user, you have to believe in their power in order for them to have the protective benefit.

8. Using White Light MeditationAlex-Grey-Meditation12

The use of meditation is a healing practice used for centuries that is finally gaining some attention from modern science.

This specific form of meditation involves the healing power of bright white light, held as an image in your mind’s eye. Imagine the white light coming into your body and healing all the dark corners.

Think of the white light forming a shield of protection around your being or others. If you meditate like this, your eyes will eventually open but the light will continue to heal and protect.

9. Crystals


Skepticism abounds in the practical application of crystals, but their powers are undeniable if you actually invest in them and use them.

Moreover, crystals are all around us in the objects we use in our lives everyday, such as watches, phones and computers. If they have a measurable effect in physical objects, why wouldn’t they have an effect on our physical, not to mention spiritual, bodies?

So much research is out there on the powers that various crystals carry, but dark crystals specifically are known to eliminate dark energies. Try different crystals out when you need to alleviate stress, and you may find your consciousness is raised in the process!


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