Lapis Lazuli and Reiki

Article by Rinku Patel, Reiki Rays

Lapis Lazuli is one of the most attractive and irresistible stone, even if you don’t know its properties, you cannot ignore it once you have set your eyes on it. The color of Lapis Lazuli is Royal Blue with the gold flecks of Pyrite in it. This stone is considered to be a lawyers’, writers’ and inventors’ best friend. Lapis Lazuli is considered to be the ‘Stone of Communication’.

Lapis Lazuli as the protection stone

As a protection stone, Lapis Lazuli can protect us from psychic attacks and psychic vampires by keeping them at bay. It keeps negative energy away from the person as well as the surroundings. It also protects us from our own negative thoughts by providing clear thinking.

Lapis Lazuli for Throat chakra

Lapis Lazuli resonates with Throat chakra for its vibrant blue color. It opens Throat chakra and aids in communication. Your learning process becomes faster if you keep this stone near your aura. Suppose you have to give a speech in public and you are nervous or having lack of confidence to speak publicly, simply carry lapis lazuli with you to aid with communication and speech.

Lapis Lazuli also helps endocrine and thyroid glands. It also helps with problems related to ears and nose. For eye infection, take a warm lapis lazuli heated in warm water and rub over the eye softly. You can also use Lapis Lazuli elixir for eye bath.

Lapis Lazuli encourages and promotes truth and honesty. Program and carry Lapis Lazuli to save you from liars.

Place a cleansed and Reiki charged Lapis Lazuli on your Throat chakra while lying down and relax for a while. You can give Reiki to your Throat chakra by hovering your palms above crystal.

Lapis Lazuli and Reiki

Image by géry60

Lapis Lazuli for emotions

Lapis Lazuli brings out the suppressed emotions on surface and helps you deal with the facts related to that emotion. It helps reduce and control the anger. It also aids for presenting your point of view in front of others. It helps release frustration caused by suppressed emotions. Also aids overcome issues like trauma, abuse, rape, depression, grief or loss. Also, it promotes love and fidelity in a relationship.

You can either wear cleansed and programmed crystal or carry around with you or you can place it in a bowl in any room. Always used cleansed crystals and if you know Reiki, charge the crystal with Reiki and program with set intention.

Lapis Lazuli for Third Eye

Lapis Lazuli can be used to stimulate Third Eye as well as pineal gland. It enhances psychic abilities and gives clear perspective and visions. Lapis Lazuli helps to adapt new ideas and thoughts, gives clear picture and opens the door to visions and dreams. It heightens intuitions and provides wider vision and perspective. It also brings out inner truth and inner power.

Place a cleansed crystal on your Third Eye and relax for a while. Give Reiki to your Third Eye by placing your palms over the stone.

Lapis Lazuli as spirituality stone

Lapis Lazuli is one of the oldest stones that is used by healers and holy workers for healing, wisdom, enhance psychic abilities or inner visions. It is a must have stone for spiritual growth and improves spiritual health. It maintains connection between physical and celestial planes that results in strong spiritual connection.

Lapis Lazuli for meditation

Meditation with Lapis Lazuli opens the door to unknown knowledge. It can lead to past life recall as well. Meditating with Lapis Lazuli helps you connect to your Guardian Angel and spirit guides.
Meditate with this stone to manifest your wish faster as it has strong manifesting energies. Hold Lapis Lazuli in your palm, enable the flow of Reiki and set your intention to fulfil your wish. Place the stone safely or carry around with you.

Lapis Lazuli for physical issues

Lapis Lazuli helps heal – fever, epilepsies, dementia, nightmares, strengthen eye sight, fainting spells, miscarriage of child, balance thyroid, vertigo problems, migraines, reduce anxiety, sinus, nervous system, speech problems, autism, bone problems, TB, sleep problems, DNA damage, PMS, bone marrow, lowers BP, sore throat and more….

Lapis Lazuli for mental issues

It relieves stress and brings mental clarity. It strengthens and boost your thinking abilities. It can calm the restless mind and clear confusions. It also increases your concentration and hence it’s best used amongst students. It also aids bring confidence and overcomes shyness. Helps clarify thoughts in chaotic or stressed situations.

Miscellaneous use:

  • Release stress
  • Improves intellectual level
  • Enhance memory
  • Promotes honesty
  • Associated with Sagittarians
  • Helps with career and life purpose
  • Balance male-female side of your personality
  • Helps with automate writing
  • Enhance creativity and more…

NoteIt is always advisable to use cleansed crystals. If you know Reiki, charge your crystals with Reiki to optimize the healing and manifesting results.

Rinku Patel

Rinku Patel

Rinku Patel is a Reiki Usui Master. She practices also Karmic Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Angel Reiki, Crystal Healing, Dowsing, Soulmate Reiki, Angel card, Tarot Card, Imara Reiki and Magnified Healing. Classes and Healing: Usui Reiki, Karmic Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Angelic Reiki, Soulmate Reiki, Crystal healing, Angel and Tarot card reading, Dowsing, Imara Reiki and Magnified Healing. Rinku can be reached via her email address and on Facebook at Reiki The Miracle Healing.


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