Golden Star Muscovite

Golden Star Muscovite (Brazil) – These are unique Golden Star Muscovite Clusters from Brazil. Named after the Muscovy province in Russia, Muscovite is the most common form of Mica. When the yellow variety of Muscovite forms a layered star pattern, its known as Star Muscovite, Gold Star Muscovite or Star Crystal.

Gold Star Muscovite, like all Muscovites, enhances self-confidence and the ability to listen to your intuition. It enables quick-thinking and better communication of ones feelings. Use Gold Star Muscovite when you need to make a major life change and help you to come to a final decision that is best for your overall well-being. A definite must for students who may need a boost while taking exams! Gold Star Muscovite can aid in studying a foreign language, technical materials or spiritual healing techniques; it can help you retain and understand materials.

Physically, Gold Star Muscovite helps regulate blood sugar levels and is a good crystal for those with diabetes. Use this crystal for issues involving the kidneys and pancreas. Muscovite also helps with insomnia.


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