How To Know If Your Chakras Are Blocked (And What To Do About It)

Have you been tired lately? Agitated by the smallest remarks or activity? Are you frustrated because you feel stuck in an unhealthy pattern, or unenthusiastic about your relationships?

There is a circuit of energy that, when flowing through your entire system properly, acts as a self-replenishing source of vitality. When it’s trapped, it hinders your focus and breaks down your wellness little by little. This system is controlled by your chakras.

These centers allow the flow of energy to reach every part of our bodies and minds. That energy is essential to a healthy, vibrant life. Chakras control the release of prana — the vital breath in our body, also referred to as our “life force” — as well as other, more subtle energies.

Chakras influence the energy flow in our entire system — that means everything from blood flow to heartbeat to thought patterns — even down to the flow of the energy of love. In my course, Chakras 101: How To Harness Your Spiritual Energy For Better Sex, Better Sleep & Better Moods, I share specific practices that allow the energy of your body and mind to flow uninterruptedly.

Open chakras are associated with being in great physical shape and having healthy thoughts and a balanced approach to life. I have treated many people around the world with Ayurvedic medicine and yoga therapy. Unlocking the chakras can result in healing from diseases, achieving major goals, and overcoming long-standing difficulties.

When our chakras are open and flow with vital pranic energy, our bodies and minds are balanced and our hearts are open to opportunity and adventure.

Get in-depth guidance on unlocking your chakras in the course, Chakras 101: How To Harness Your Spiritual Energy For Better Sex, Better Sleep & Better Moods.

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