How exactly does one know that they are in the midst of a psychic awakening? Well, there isn’t exactly an overall randomness that happens, but more of you getting over or realizing something extremely detrimental to your well being.

For instance, if you had lost a loved one, are healing, just had a baby, or had an accident/near death experience that opened your eyes, you may be on the verge of your psychic awakening.

Having that said, here are seven aspects of your psychic awakening that you will embrace.

1. Physical Senses Increasemind-body-spirit-image-364006_462x306

You will notice that your taste, hearing, smell, and other senses will suddenly increase in performance.

You will realize that you have traveled far and have been through tough adversities, all of which have helped increase your well being and push you into your psychic awakening.

2. Extremely Vivid Dreams

You will begin to notice that your dreams aren’t the same anymore but are in fact a lot better or “vivid”. You will remember things that you may have forgotten or simply hid in the back of your head. Expand your mind and allow yourself to be pushed into the psychic awakening.

3. New Urge To Learn And Be Spiritual

You will find yourself to be more studious and eager to learn about your surroundings. Most of this can be achieved with meditation, listening, exercise, and a variety of other techniques that can help prepare your body and mind for spirituality.

4. Positive Reinforcement

As your psychic awakening becomes more realized, you will find that you desire people who will positively reinforce you. You will feel the desire to drop all negativity from your life and decide to lead it into a more productive/happier lifestyle.

5. New Taste In Food

Feature-image-fun-food-facts-about-superfoodsAs you become awakened, you will start to acquire a new sense of taste for healthier and more organic foods.

These foods do not contain anything that will unbalance you or your journey into your psychic awakening.

It is a better idea to eat organic healthy food so that your body has all the energy it needs to rebuild itself and become anew once more.

6. Connecting To Your Soul

As you become awakened, you will find that your soul has become more connected to the world around you. You will feel an increase in sympathy/empathy for nature and other human beings. The feeling of being one with everything can be contagious and a little overwhelming sometimes, but a wonderful embrace nonetheless.

7. Pressure Buildsconsciously create

This kind of pressure can be described as butterflies in your stomach.

A certain tingly sensation that fills your body and enables you to do all the good that you can for the day.

It is important to allow yourself to become vulnerable to this feeling for it can make you feel like a brand new person.


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