Heliodor Rod




These are beautiful Heliodor crystals from Brazil and they are just amazing! They are all beautifully clear and are wonderful pieces for anyone who wants to work with Heliodor.  Heliodor is the greenish-yellow, yellow-green to brown variety of Golden Beryl. Heliodor crystals can help recharge healers who are finding themselves feeling emotionally overtaxed or feeling burned out. Healers can use Heliodor to bring in the golden light of love and healing through the Crown, filling the body with this vibrant, golden energy. Use Heliodor with the Solar Plexus chakra to boost your willpower and determination as well as gain an increased sense of vitality through the day. Think of it like the sun coming out on a dreary winter day.

Carry in a pocket, purse, or pouch to keep negative energies out of your space. Heliodor Crystals are great for gridding a sacred space, office, or home. Keep Heliodor crystals with you when going through any type of emotional work and subsequent release.

Beryl in general is a wonderful tool to keep close, as it helps to protect against any negative outside influences or manipulations. Beryl can help to release old emotional baggage that no longer serves, and can assist in the removal of stress and chaos.

Physically, Heliodor can assist with problems associated with the pancreas, liver and spleen. It may also help to ease the stiffness in hands and feet caused by either cold weather or lack of circulation.


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