How to Stop Feeling your Clients Pain

Article by Nicholas Harris, Reiki Rays

In my years of teaching Reiki, the most common problem that my students face is taking on their client’s problem. This may occur on a physical, emotional or mental level – often manifesting as the experience of feeling a client’s pain or walking away from a session feeling energetically exhausted.

Personally experiencing the symptoms that the client feels can be quite frightening and leads many people to abandon their pursuit of Reiki and the healing arts.

Is there a way to safely practice Reiki and not be effected in a negative way? Proper practice of the Reiki structure is the answer!

Channel healing rather than “give”healing

In my opinion, one of the most important teachings within the Usui Reiki System of Natural Healing is that we are not healers. Reiki students should be taught how to channel healing energy – in place of “giving healing”.

Consider the possibility that the mind is a mechanism of moving energy. Energy follows consciousness (or energy goes where attention flows) and every thought in the mind moves energy – whether we mean to or not.

If I set my intention to “give healing”, then that is exactly what I would do – give my energy to the client. The result is that not only will I feel drained after the session (and possibly take on the client’s problems), but also the vibration of energy that I channel will be severely limited.

By having a clear intention to channel healing energy, this problem is avoided. In my Reiki lineage this intention is trained through the prayer structure which is followed at the beginning and the end of every Reiki session (please see below).

Live a balanced life

It is extremely important for any person working within the healing arts to live a balanced life. Establish the rituals and practices that you need in order to create balance between your working life and other commitments.

Reiki Energy

Following your own spiritual practice is essential, as is taking time for yourself alongside fulfilling commitments of family and relationships. Remember, the purpose of our healing is to assist in the healing of others. The better the place that you come from, the deeper your ability will be to assist in the life path of others.

Practice the Reiki prayer structure and psychic self defence

Opening prayers

At the beginning of a Reiki session, close your eyes and pray in inner space (every prayer is repeated slowly three times):

“Only the best energies are coming to me.” x3
“I am a clear open channel for Reiki for the benefit of everyone.” x3
“I am divinely guided, protected and supported.” x3

Alongside the final prayer, the Reiki 1 practitioner is taught to imagine themselves surrounded by a protective bubble of bright, white light. Reiki 2 practitioners are taught to imagine themselves surrounded by a box of the protection symbol, while Reiki Master practitioners may choose to use the Master symbol in it’s place.

In this way, at the start of every session the Reiki practitioner sets their intention to be a protected, channel for healing energy. This will be of great assistance in minimising absorption of the client’s energy into your own personal field.

You may develop the psychic self protection step in any way that feels good to you (i.e. anyway that is in keeping with your personal belief system). Example meditations include the addiction of a grounding cord, or the famous “Violet Flame” exercise.

Closing prayers

The closing prayers are intended at the end of the Reiki treatment, before awakening the client.

“I thank the Reiki energy for channelling through me.” x3
“I thank the client for receiving this healing channelled through me.” x3
“I thank the Reiki energy for continuing to work with this person for as long as is necessary for the highest levels of their being.” x3
“I dedicate the fruits of this healing to the universe. Please accept.” x3

Finally, at the end of the session always remember to wash your hands with cold water.

Prayer as ritual strengthening the intention to channel

The prayer structure acts as a reminder to the intention to be a channel for the Reiki energy. Without it, many people become trapped in the illusion of being the healer and suffer the limitations in their practice that arise as a result.

In my experience, the energy that I have “given away” in the dedication step of the closing prayer instantly returns to me at the moment I intend the opening prayer at my following session.

If you truly channel healing energy, you will never “pickup” the problems of your clients. You are safe to develop in relationship to the energy.

Nicholas Harris

Nicholas Harris is an 8th Generation Reiki / Master Teacher who facilitates treatments and classes in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


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