Iris Quartz Points

These gorgeous Iris Quartz Points from India are a recent addition to our online catalog. Although sometimes referred to as Rainbow Quartz, this type of Quartz has natural flashes of “luminescence” or rainbow colors that are reflected on the surface of the crystal which you can see when they are held in the light at certain angles. This kind of luminescence is said to be caused by an inclusion of Rhodium in these Quartz crystals.

Iris Quartz has had trade names associated with it, such as “Aurora Quartz” and “Anandalite”. It is a stone of optimism and reconciliation. Iris Quartz allows us to overcome the disappointments in our lives and to move forward. It gives us courage to get out there and try again.

Physically, Iris Quartz helps with metabolism balance, SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), cleansing of the kidneys and urinary tract, and easing of menstrual symptoms.

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