by Thomas



The first step into better nurturing your spiritual life you must find what your true intention is. Your intentions are the essential seed you must sew into your heart, once you do, your spiritual journey will unfold before you.

So, as soon as you find out what you want to set your intention on, like your love for nature, your deity, or whatever else you love, begin these seven techniques to better nurturing your spiritual life.

1. Learn How To Let Go

As you progress yourself through daily life, there will be many adversities that will see to prove you right or wrong. Regardless of whatever the outcome is of you being wrong or right, you must learn how to be able to let things go. This will set you free in the sense of being spiritually bound to anyone’s words or actions.

2. Forgive Yourself

Sometimes those adversities can overwhelm you with selfishness, despair, and a variety of other delusions that weaken you. It is important to know how to forgive yourself of these mind crippling emotions. Forgiving yourself will liberate you into a higher state of spiritual being.

3. Remind Yourself Of Your Intentions

It is a good thing to remind yourself as to why you are here in ever day life. Remind yourself of the good intentions you wish to see flourish. This will make your spirituality contagious to those who have the same kinds of intentions as you.

4. Open Your Heart To The Unknown

Even though you are a small part of this world, you can still explore and witness the wonders this world has to offer you. Keep your heart and mind open to the unknown. Sometimes it’s worth everything to see but a glimpse of something meaningful then not seeing anything at all.

5. People Are Just People

When you find yourself in a circumstance where someone seems like they are judging you for all the wrong reasons, do not despair. Instead, remind yourself that even though this person has ill intentions, you must not stoop to their level. See them as someone who is a little troubled at the moment and that they are doing their best from their own level of consciousness.

6. There Is No Such Thing As A High Intention

You can stride to be whatever it is you want to be. Only those who do nothing become nothing in the eyes of the spiritual world. Stop at nothing to be the person you want to be and accept any wisdom or help that you can to get there. It does not have to be a lonely journey to walk, others will be there to help support your own intentions, so long as they are good ones of course.

7. Always Know Your Real Intentions

There will be a variety of other corrupt intentions out in the world. It is important that you know what your truest intentions are to combat the offending ones. Never falter when it comes to standing up for yourself. You are the reason you have gotten this far in your spiritual journey, do not let anyone else sully that image for you.


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