House Blessing

A house blessing is an ancient tradition that is performed in one form or another across religions and cultures. You can bless your home and provide spiritual protection for it at any time and for any – or no – reason.

Perform a house blessing when moving into a new home. Do so after a traumatic event, following a major remodeling project or after a visit from someone who carries negative energy. Do so once a year after your spring cleaning, or any time you’d like to brighten the energy of the dwelling.

Clean the house well and then perform a sage smudging in each of the rooms (including closets and hallways). Say aloud your intent for the blessing as you carry the sage from room to room. You might say, “Bless this home and all who live here. Fill this space with health, happiness, harmony, love and prosperity.”

Pass the keys to the home through the smoke of the sage, and waft the smoke around each person who is present for the blessing. Speak some simple words of blessing, such as, “May all who enter or reside here enjoy protection and blessings.”

Light a white candle and say out loud additional words of blessing. You may say, “Fill this space with beauty and light, and let it be our haven from the world. May only loving, kind-hearted and well-intentioned people enter here.”

Place a bit of iron (or other metal – even coins) on each windowsill and add some words of protection. This may be, “Allow neither curse, nor harm nor unwelcome spirits to enter or come to rest here.”

Mix a bit of sea salt in some water and sprinkle it in each corner of the home. Speak additional words of blessing, “May all who enter be richly blessed with peace, love, joy and all they desire.”

Invoke any deities you please during your house blessing. Consider also hanging or placing by the front door an amulet for protection or a talisman to attract good fortune. This could be a wreath of dried herbs or flowers, a horseshoe, artwork that symbolizes your goals, a crystal or other light catcher, a mobile or some other object that pleases you.

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