Archangel Raziel and Vows

Article by Anamika Mishra, Reiki Rays

Vows, pledge, affiance, oath…all mean to make a determined decision or promise to do something. Do you always experience a repeat pattern in a similar kind of situation? And then do you feel or think that it is a mere coincidence? Give it a thought… whenever we experience any repeat pattern it is mostly because of our past karmas, attitude, habits, personality, environment and last but not the least VOWS that we have taken in our previous births and even in our present birth but may have forgotten all about it. Here, I want to share my personal experience. In this lifetime, at present I am fat; when I did Akashic Reading for myself I found out that in three of my previous births I had vowed that I shall indulge on food, as a result even when I was slim I had a voracious appetite.

One day when I was channelling, Archangel Raziel came to my rescue to get rid of vows that I had taken in my previous lifetimes. You too can experiment with the same and then you can post your feedback in the comments section.

Arcangel Raziel
Image by bogenfreund
Please follow the below-mentioned steps to get rid of vows taken either in this birth or previous ones:
  1. Call Reiki (Attitude of Gratitude).
  2. Invoke Archangel Raziel. Connect to him with HSZSN or Iava. Light a candle or even incense. You can use a sandalwood incense or sandalwood essential oil in a diffuser. You may even charge a pre-cleansed Clear Quartz crystal and infuse it with Reiki symbols.
  3. Use HSZSN to connect to all your previous lifetimes.
  4. Be absolutely relaxed yet attentive and still while doing this. Intend that you get rid of —————(issues that you face repeatedly). Ask Archangel Raziel to dissolve the vows that you have taken in your previous births or even in the present one. Write your prayer and Reiki it.
  5. As it gets over trust and believe that it has been done.
  6. Express your gratitude.
  7. Do this process for a span of at least 11 days (this is as per the channelled message that I received from Archangel Raziel) I feel that doing it for 11 days would definitely dissolve the vows so that we all can enjoy our present life in a more fulfilling manner.
  8. Once done, call off Reiki and express your gratitude.

Loads of love and light!

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Anamika Mishra

Anamika Mishra has been a teacher of English. She has done her Masters in English and M.Phil. in Education. Anamika feels that Reiki and Tarot are few of the best gifts that life has bestowed on her. She is a Usui Reiki Grandmaster. She practices Karuna® Reiki, Crystal Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Karmic Reiki, Imara Reiki, Angel Reiki, and Angel Therapy. She is also a Lama Fera healer and teacher. Anamika is a Tarot and Angel Cards reader. She also teaches Crystal Ball Gazing and Automatic Writing. Anamika can be reached at and on Facebook at


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