Amblygonite Natural Chips



These are lovely Amblygonite chips that come to us from Brazil.  Amblygonite is a high vibration stone that will help you to nurture your soul. It will often remind you to not only take care of the physical body and emotions, but to spend time in the pursuit of spiritual nurturing as well. Amblygonite enhances one’s talents and love for the arts, music, poetry and other such spiritual endeavors.  Amblygonite is a soothing and healing mineral that works very well with mild anxiety and stress. For people who are very active and/or nervous, Amblygonite provides the necessary elements to calm nerves and over-sensitivity.

Physically, Amblygonite can help with stress, a nervous stomach, ulcers, other digestion issues and headaches.

Note: Because it contains Lithium, Amblygonite shouldNOT be used in the making of elixirs.


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