How to use Reiki to cut energetic cords?


Is it time for you to move on with your life leaving behind past and old relationships with fresh energy?If yes, there is nothing better to get a new start than by leaving behind every trace of old relationships, past actions or even, your old habits by cutting energetic cords. With every relationship in our life, we exchange energy to form a connecting cord with each other. In order to get fresh start, it is essential to cut these cords as keeping these cords intact can only hold us back.

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As every energetic cord can affect you positively or negatively as it can drain out your energy, it is very important to get rid of unnecessary energetic cords created by past relationships. To cut energetic cords, anyone can take help from Reiki as it is a very useful method to get rid of all the unnecessary energetic cords in order to start with fresh and positive energy.

  1. Have Clear Intention. The first and most important factor before seeing a Reiki master or doing it yourself for cutting cord is to have a clear intention to disconnect from your energetic cords.
  2. Do It Yourself Reiki. You have two ways to use Reiki for cutting energetic cords. Either find a Reiki master or do it yourself by following simple steps in this article.
  3. Ground Yourself. If you have decided to use Reiki on your own, first step is to ground yourself by drawing your energy down to earth. Feel that you have roots inside the ground. Feel as if you are strongly connected to the earth’s core.
  4. Feel Energy. Next step is to develop sensitivity in your hands so that you can feel your energy. For this, start with rubbing your hands for a while and then hold them near to each other (1 to 2 inch) and feel energy in the space between your hands. Slowly separate your hands and move your hands towards your body still feeling that energy to transfer it to your body.
  5. Developing Scanning Techniques. To cut energetic cords, you must first learn to sense a cord in your aura. This can be done through scanning your aura. With your intuition and developed sensitivity of your hands, you can scan and find cords you want to remove from your aura. While scanning your aura, you may feel that your aura thickens into a rope like shape, an indication of a cord.
  6. Cutting energetic cords. Once you find an energetic cords and the person the cord belongs to, you can then cut it to get rid of the energy that person shares with you. Think that your hands are very sharp. Use your imaginary sharp hands close to your body on the cord to cut it. Imagine that the energy now moved back to the person it belongs to.
  7. Healing the spot. To help the “wound” that’s left behind when a cord is cut heal better and faster, wrap both ends of the cord in golden, loving light.

Don’t worry about accidentally cutting a “good” cord which was giving both of you positive, uplifting energy. If a cord is meant to be there, it will just form right back shortly. Just have the highest good in mind :).

Following these steps may help you in getting rid of unwanted energetic cords using Reiki. You will feel lighter, with peace and with a new sense of freedom. If you are still unsatisfied with results, you can always turn to Reiki master to seek help.

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