Receiving Distant Healing

Article by Lisa Koester, Reiki Rays

Hello, healers.

I wanted to share a recent experience I had with you all because I think it may change some perceptions on distant healing.

I know that as a Reiki Master and Practitioner, so often we focus on giving and sending Reiki, even though we are told over and over again about the importance of self-care. Of course we do practice self-care, but often for myself, I am aware that I am only practicing self-care because I know it will allow me to serve others better. How ironic is that!

This week, I had the opportunity to dive deep into self-Reiki as I waited for a scary and supposedly painful medical procedure to take place. I was offered drugs to calm me. And I admit that at first I said yes because I was already nervous about my decision to have this procedure in the first place.

As I sat in the waiting area, I placed my hands on myself using the Usui hand positions and sent Reiki to myself with the intention of having no pain, fear, and to be calm. I called on my Masters and Guides.

Then I realized, I had called in my own Reiki Master, who lives about 50 miles away. I asked her to please give Reiki treatment to me. Once I did, I immediately felt her hands on my shoulders. I had a very clear visual picture of her. I could even smell her. I felt totally enveloped in her presence, as if we were in the room together. I also felt the lineage of all those Masters who came before us.

Receiving Distant Healing
Image by Rebecca L. Daily

When they called my name to come in, I stood up, and felt an overwhelming difference in my body. I was completely calm, almost as if I had been sedated, but without the fuzzy head and nausea usually associated with drugs. I was clear, present, calm, and ready.

Once in the surgery room, I sent distant Reiki to the Dr. for steady hands, and I physically offered the nurse Reiki healing as she was having a bad time in life. It was an amazing experience.

I lay on the table and waited for them to start the procedure. Again I felt the presence of angels all around me. While I was waiting for them to start, the Dr. said, “OK we are finished. You can get dressed now.”

This was much more a spiritual experience than a medical one. I realized that now only can we send distant healing, we can also request it and call it in through the subtle body. We are connected through our lineage, so when we request Reiki healing in this way, we receive the blessings of all those in our lineage, even if they are unaware of it at the time. It’s a reversal of how we usually perceive distant Reiki healing. In this way, we are calling it in, as we in turn send it out to the Universe.

I’m sure that on a subtle level, my Reiki master received a healing herself when I did this.

I thanked her the next day. Of course she was delighted to hear this. How cool is it that each of us as a healer can be called upon to offer healing to those when in need? It is said that when Jesus walked through the town, the people would come up from behind him to touch his robe and be healed.

It is thrilling to know that we as healers can be called upon in this way, without any harm coming to ourselves or others.

The next time you are in need, I encourage you to reach out in this way, to either your own Master, a student, or other healer within your lineage, and feel the power of this distant receiving.

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Lisa Koester
Lisa Koester

Lisa Koester is a trained Teaching Reiki Master and Meditation teacher based in Marin County, CA. She helps Reiki practitioners and Reiki masters grow their practice. She speaks at events, leads workshops and retreats, and sees private clients in person or via Skype.
Lisa received Level I initiation in 1998 and continued her metaphysical and spiritual work incorporating Reiki practice into yoga and other modalities. In 2009 Lisa became a professional Teaching Reiki Master, helping people to heal and working with other practitioners. She works with Angelic healing, Ascended Masters, and teaches working with crystals and essential oils. Lisa teaches meditation to individuals as well as groups, and brings her unique style of Living Wisdom Meditation to corporate businesses and private organizations. Locally and globally engaged, Lisa teaches both in person and online, but does attunements in person only. She is available to lead retreats worldwide and speak at events. Lisa Koester may be found at,, and on Facebook at

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