by Chemory Gunko


What is Ego?

Ego is the thought that you are separate from God, and it’s your sense of identity. It is the idea that you as a person exist, and the idea that your soul identity continues after death.

Ego is any body identification you have – from emotions to pain to physical sensations and urges of any sort whatsoever. This is how the yogis stopped eating or breathing for long periods – the body is ego incarnate.c19ed__everyone-will-get-respect-when-they-leave-Their-ego-behind-Easy-Branches

Ego is the part of you that will die if you surrender completely into the eternal oneness of all-that-is. It is the part of you that is scared and comes up with all the ideas like you’re not good enough, you can’t make it, it will be too much work.

It’s the part of you that doesn’t want to give up on earthly things, and it’s main trap is special relationships. The love you feel in a special relationship must be the greatest you can feel – surely God can’t be better than that?

Ego Reactions & Emotions

An ego reaction or emotion is anything that makes you feel inferior or superior to the people and situations around you, and causes you to look up in awe and admiration or to feel shame, embarrassment, humiliation, doubt, anger, frustration, resistance or fear, among a few others.

An ego reaction is also judgment – whether you’re judging yourself, judging another or feeling judged. It is our navigation system that guides away from pain and towards pleasure.

emotional healing4

How does Ego work?

Ego uses fear and separation to keep you from assimilation and love – and then it tells you that it is assimilation and love. So you get confused about what love looks like.

Ego tries to separate and cocoon you more and more and more, causing you to push away relationships, people, experiences, opportunities…. and the love you so desperately want.

With it’s final blow, ego makes you depressed, constantly reminding you of the separation and attack you have experienced in your life, and the separation and attack you believe you have experienced.

The way to mitigate ego is forgiveness.

When you find yourself reacting with any other emotion except compassion, empathy and love, choose to forgive – yourself, the other person, God, and anyone else you think or feel is affiliated.

o-FORGIVENESS-facebookIf you don’t know how to forgive – pray. Ask the Holy Spirit, Source, your guides to help you find forgiveness release.

“I cannot find peace and forgiveness in this situation. Please choose for peace and forgiveness for me.”

You cannot ask too many times – you cannot invite it enough.

And you will feel it when it releases properly. You will be left in absolutely no doubt.


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