Smokey Quartz Merkaba Stars

These Smokey Quartz Merkaba (Merkabah) Stars are hand-cut in India. Many of these natural Smokey Quartz merkabas are a very light smoke color, yet they have a unique sparkle and shine from the smoke coloring that is not found in Clear Quartz.

A very powerful metaphysical stone, Smokey Quartz emits a high level of energy. While working slowly and deliberately, it is often used in manifestation programs for it’s ability to ground vibrational energy into the physical world. Smokey Quartz helps ground you with Earth energies, and is good for working with the root chakra. Use Smokey Quartz to absorb negative energy.

Smokey Quartz is also a great stone for pain relief, and helps to prevent healing crises after a strong energy session. You can use these Smokey Quartz Merkabas to help ground and integrate messages and/or spiritual energy received in higher chakras into the lower chakras, and to help anchor expanded consciousness into the physical body. The Sacred Geometry of Smokey Quartz combines with the Sacred Geometry of the Merkaba, creating a powerful energy piece.

Merkabas are tetrahedrons, made by the intersection of two, three-sided pyramids. Merkabas are great tools for working on your spiritual transformation, which some believe is the whole purpose of our existence. Merkabas are believed to form a spiritual shield around the holder. In upper dimensions, the geometric shape of the human energy field is said to be in the shape of a Merkaba. Thus, meditating with a Merkaba helps us to connect with our higher self.

In ancient Egyptian, the literal translation of Merkaba is broken down by syllable to mean: Mer-rotaing fields of light, Ka-spirit, and Ba-soul. One of the Sacred Geometry forms, The Merkaba is believed to achieve transformation on all levels of existence. In Hebrew, Merkaba literally means “Chariot”. The Merkaba literally becomes a vehicle for ascension.


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