Fox Symbolism and Meaning

The Celts honored the fox for its wisdom, and believed it to be a guide in the spirit world. In Native American lore, the symbolism of the fox deals with the fox being a wise and noble messenger, or a trickster playing pranks.

In China, the symbolism of this animal revolved around the afterlife – the sight of a fox was thought to be a sign from the spirits of the deceased. In Japan, the fox was considered to be a rain spirit, a messenger of Inari, the rice god, and a symbol of longevity and protection from evil.

The red in a fox’s fur is representative of a solar emblem, and so symbolism of this animal deals with passion, intensity, desire and expression. The fox encourages you to use your intelligence and wisdom in different and creative ways – to think outside the box.

Seeing a fox may be a reminder to be award of your actions and habits, to try a different path or strategy in accomplishing your goals, and to utilize all of your resources to your advantage.

The fox can symbolize adaptability, cleverness, cunning, quick-thinking, strategy and wisdom. If the fox is your totem, qualities in you that are facilitated include determination, focus and right action.

Spend some time in meditation with the spirit of fox to gain powerful insights in to the knowledge and wisdom that are available to you on your path.

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