Charging Bathtub Water with Reiki


This technique proves to be quite useful for helping you enrich your bathtub water with Reiki energy, thereby helping you stay energetic and refreshed for the rest of the day.

Image by Philippe Put


  1. Place your hands on top of the bathtub water.
  2. Draw the mental healing symbol one time and repeat the name of this symbol thrice.
  3. Seal everything by drawing the power symbol and repeating the name of this symbol three times.
  4. Say- Let the energy run through this bathtub water.
  5. Now, move your hands through this bath water quite a few times. This will help disperse the energy all through the water tub in an efficient manner.

Bathing with water that is charged with Reiki can prove to be highly beneficial in not only cleansing all the sweat and dirt from your body, but also in washing off all the tensions and worries of everyday life.

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