Celestite Gallets



These are natural Celestite Gallets from Madagascar that have been hand-polished. These large size Celestite Gallets are just beautiful. They feel wonderful to hold in your hand with a nice vibration. Celestite Crystals are so clear and bright that they would be used as gemstones in jewelry if Celestite were a harder mineral. Celestite, having a hardness of less than 4, is not good for jewelry, but is a great Metaphysical stone, having wonderful properties.

Celestite has been called a “Teacher for the New Age” and connects to the divine energy of angelic realms. These crystals can bring harmony and inner peace, and can be used with the Third Eye Chakra. Celestite can also be used to balance the Throat Chakra. Its ability to heighten divine intuition makes Celestite especially useful for a Reiki practice. Celestite gives courage to those who suffer from agoraphobia (fear of crowds), public speaking or even stage fright. It can be beneficial for shy or timid children to try new experiences.

Physically, Celestite eases problems of the eyes, throat, thyroid and digestive system, especially if those problems are a result of stress. Celestite also eases headaches.

Please Note: Celestite is very fragile, and should be handled carefully. Do not keep these crystals in direct sunlight as their color will fade. Recharge Celestite by wrapping the stone in a soft blue cloth and setting it in a drawer or box for up to two days.



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