How Intention Works

Article by Angie Webster, Reiki Rays

Intention is very important in energy healing, and in life. Everything we do starts with the vibrational energy of intention. From that intention come the thoughts, words and actions that become our life. These thoughts, words and actions draw the situations and people into our life that we encounter. It is all connected, and it all starts with intention.

The intention that we set is the vibrational state that we are operating from. It sets the tone for how we will behave, how our lives will be, and even how we will feel. It becomes who we are and how others perceive us. It is the “vibe” or energy we radiate. So even before we have thought, said or done anything, our intention for how we want to be in the world and the effect we want to have on the Earth is important. It is important to our healing work, as it sets the tone for what sort of energy we are putting into our work.

There is a frequent misconception about intention, however. When you set an intention, it is not the same as making a wish and waiting for the wish to be granted. When you set an intention you are acknowledging the flow from that intention, through you and into the world. You acknowledge that you are setting your energy to a state where your thoughts, words and actions will now begin to shift and follow through to the fulfillment of that intention, even if you don’t know how that will happen.

Often we don’t know how the end result of our intention will come to be. It may seem so big or so far away from where we are now that we can’t imagine it clearly, or don’t know the steps to get there. By setting the intention, we set the course for our energy to begin to shift in the ways it needs to for the intention to come to be, to the extent that we are ready and open to it. This brings change to our minds, hearts and lives. It changes our energy.

There is always change when you set an intention. We all set intentions every day, though we aren’t always aware of them. Consciously setting an intention is different. It is a way of accepting responsibility for your life and for the power you have over it. If you set intentions for something to come to you or for a change to happen in your life, but you are unwilling to do or change anything in yourself or your life to allow that to happen, then you are blocking the intentions you set.

Reiki and Intention
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Both allowing and action are important to creative change. The only one in charge of your energy and your life is you. By being open to allowing change and to taking action to bring your intentions into being, you take full responsibility and control of your life. That can be a little frightening at first, but it is a great feeling when you step into it.

To use intention to expand your heart and your awareness, especially in service to others is a wonderful thing, and will serve you in the end. This is very much what we do when we set an intention for healing at the beginning of a healing session. We intend to be present for the client in a loving way, with an open heart, and allow healing energy to flow through. The intention is that the session be for their greatest and highest good, though we don’t know what that may be or what the outcome will look like. We don’t know the path the healing will take, either in the short term or in the long term. In order for the healing to be most effective, both the healer and the client must be open to change, expansion and possible action.

Having a clear understanding about intention can lead to more ease in reaching your goals and less frustration. Be open to the path that may arise for you when you set an intention and be prepared to walk it. Pay attention to the signs, even if they are unexpected. Listen to the energy within your own body and heart. Take the steps and opportunities that your mind opens to. Most of all, allow your heart and mind to open. That’s what setting an intention is all about—changing the energy of your heart and mind.

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Angie Webster

Angie Webster is a freelance writer, Reiki Master Teacher and meditation teacher. Angie’s primary focus in her Reiki practice is empowering women with chronic pain conditions, neurological conditions or anxiety. She offers guided meditation and shamanic Reiki as part of her practice, where appropriate. Angie is the author of Infinite Reiki, Infinite Healing: How Energy Medicine Healed my Life and What it Can do for Yours. Reiki and a healthy lifestyle contributed to her healing after a 20 year struggle with neurological and chronic pain issues. She comes out the other side with a new perspective on life and now seeks to empower others, guiding them back to their own innate healing abilities. You can follow her at:,,


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