Clear Quartz Towers with Phantom




These Polished Clear Quartz Crystal Towers contain White Phantoms. Each Crystal Tower is made from good quality Clear Quartz from Brazil. Many of these Clear Quartz Towers contain multiple Phantoms. These Clear Quartz Phantoms are mesmerizing to gaze into and to use for meditation.

These Towers are Natural Clear Quartz Points that have been polished on the sides, tips and bottom, and each one still maintains the same shape and faces on the tips as the original point. As such, some of these Clear Quartz Phantom Towers still show the grow marks or keys on the sides from other crystals that formed beside them.

Phantoms are formed when the growth of a crystal has been interrupted and then begins to grow again. Often, the original mineral gets washed away, leaving only the Quartz to grow afterward.

Phantoms are symbolic of universal awareness and the many phases of the cycle of life. Phantoms are believed to bring great healing to the Earth by helping to assimilate the past.

Use these Clear Quartz Phantom Towers when in need of help in understanding and resolving past issues in one’s life to facilitate inner growth. Meditating with these Phantoms can help one uncover hidden information and repressed memories and bring them to the surface for final resolution and release. This type of self-work can often precipitate great transformation in one’s life.

Clear Quartz Phantom Towers are excellent for balancing and aligning all the Chakras to the Crown Chakra. Those who are interested in spiritual growth and connection with the higher realms may find these Clear Quartz Phantoms particularly helpful since the White Phantoms inside work with the Crown Chakra to integrate the experiences of the higher self into the other Chakras.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. IreneDesign2011
    Apr 30, 2016 @ 20:23:19

    I use mine for meditation and for healing. Great info.


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