Chat with the Angels – 5 Classic Angel Signs

by Chris Alexandria

How Well Do You Receive Signs from the Angels?

You are probably well aware of angels; you know–that winged and haloed gang that are in existence to help humanity in any way possible. After all, the very word, angel, is defined as Messenger of God. They share many angel signs to show they are indeed here to serve all of humanity and yes, that does include you.

They are so committed on their mission of servitude that they reach out daily to each human. It’s true, there may be angel signs offered throughout each and every day as a way for them to connect with you in order to encourage, support and, at times, wing slap. All it takes is a bit of observation, acceptance that the message is meant for you, and the energy of allowing yourself to receive them.

Here are Five ‘Classic’ Angel Signs:

Angel Signs #1 – Feathers.

Any feather that is found is a sign from the angels. The most common ones are white feathers, a message of purity. However, I have clients that find feathers in all sorts of colors. In fact, just this morning one shared two feathers that she had found; they were a mix of orange and black.

My first instinct was the orange represented Archangel Gabriel who oversees the sacral chakra; the place of creativity, sexuality and sensuality (his color is orange, as is the sacral chakra’s color). The black portion of the feather meant that she was hiding something; perhaps the fear of not being good enough to birth a new way of being. Black often indicates darkness, not as in evil, but as in something is not shown to the world.

With this particular color combination, it meant she was hiding something for fear of not being worthy of birthing new ways to be that could uplift her soul more. Imagine my joy when she shared she wished to purchase a new home to match her lifestyle better! This was the first ‘public announcement’ of her desire; a big step for her. Can you imagine her glee when she discovered its significance and meaning! She is now settling into her new home.

Angel Signs #2 – Numbers.

How many times have your eyes caught 4:44, 11:11, 12:12 and so on? When triple digit numbers catch your attention it’s the angels nudging you and asking that you take the rest of that minute to focus on ONE area of your life. It could be in the form of gratitude, focusing on the energy of something to manifest; health, job, home, car, money, love, etc. It’s much harder than it sounds, as we seem to have the attention span of a gnat but give it a whirl. Think of it as a mini meditation time. If numbers play a big part of your life or they begin to intrigue you, I highly recommend you do some research into each combination’s meaning. It’s uncanny how much can be shared in three little digits.

Angel Signs #3 – Music.

How often do you hear your favorite song just when you need it most? Of course music has a way to stir up memories. It’s why songs are played at the same time of the year of when they were popular. However, from the angelic viewpoint, it’s one of the many ways a message can be conveyed directly to you. This kind of message always reminds me of my sister; she was at the dentist and not happy to be there. The angels calmed her down when the radio began to play “Singing in the Rain,” her all-time favorite song! I don’t know about you, but I’ve never heard this song on the airwaves.

Angel Signs #4 – A Gentle Breeze.

This may sound rather silly, but have you have felt a gentle breeze when there was no wind at all? It’s the angels lovingly letting you know of their presence.

Angel Signs #5 – A Wing Slap

For those of you who are curious, a wing slap can be defined as being given the same message over and over and over again. Simply put, you are not listening! If you use oracle cards and get the same card again and again no matter how much you shuffle, you have been wing slapped! Take a moment of quiet and ask for better clarity. The message is much too important to ignore.

You are right; all of these messages are there for everyone. Feathers can be lying about, numbers are part of our daily existence, and music can be playing all day long. It is what catches your attention that falls into the ‘sign’ category. You saw, you heard, you listened, and received their message. I love playing the internal game of how many angel signs I catch in one day. Why not try it yourself?

These are just a FEW of the many ways the angels do connect with you. Care to share any of your favorites?



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