Pink Opal


These are wonderful Peruvian (Andean) Opal Cabochons that come in a variety of shapes. They have a smooth and gentle energy and feel great to hold in your hand. This is not the type of Opal that will give off “fire” or color bursts. Instead, it is almost jelly like in its color and appearance.

Andean Opal in general is a happy stone. Andean Opal is specifically helpful for those who find it difficult to face challenge and change. Andean Opal helps to ease into any change with joy in your heart. Use Andean Opal is wonderful to use in the manifestation of your dreams and achieving your goals as it reminds us of our higher potential and our divine nature, which is one of perfection. Working with Andean Opal can help to instill a sense of loyalty and faithfulness in both personal and business relationships. It also will assist to open/awaken the intuition.

As you work with Andean Opal, you will not only open your lines of intuitive communication, but also the understanding of the messages received. It is a true one on one connection with the spiritual realms of being. Both Blue/green and Pink Andean Opal can help to release old patterns which are no longer useful or necessary.

A stone of communication and creativity, Blue Opal allows you to speak your mind without fear or recrimination. It can help you believe in your own abilities and attract like-minded people into your life.

Rosy Pink Andean Opal is used to activate the Heart Chakra while also providing both centering and grounding. Pink Opal is a stone of renewal, reconnecting to the sacred relationship between Self and the Divine, the One, All that is. It is a very supportive and loving Guide in our journey of life. Pink Opal teaches love, acceptance and non judgment.

Note: Because Opals contain water, do not leave them in sunlight or they will become brittle and break.


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